The Secret To Accessing Your Spiritual Super Powers!

The Secret To Accessing Your Spiritual Super Powers!

The Secret To Accessing Your Spiritual Super Powers!


I don’t know if you know this, but spiritually speaking, this is an entirely unprecedented time for those of us going through the ascension process.

Global shifts like this don’t happen often, and rarely happen in our lifetimes. The last time we went through a mass awakening like this was so long ago that it isn’t even recorded in human history! (But we remember somehow, on a deeper level).

That means that you have a life changing opportunity, to access parts of your soul that have previously been unavailable to you; parts of your soul that have the effortless ability to heal, help, intuit and lead – the part of you that could work with energy and felt connected.

I’ve found through working with those of us going through spiritual awakening in healing sessions that at one time we’ve often suppressed and shut off that part, and those abilities – whether we consciously recall it or not. You see, there were times in our past lives where we’ve all been MUCH more spiritually and energetically empowered.

In those lifetimes it wasn’t difficult for us to find higher wisdom, perform energy healing or receive psychic information because they were fully integrated NATURAL parts of who we were. It was only when it became unsafe – when we were in danger or attacked as a result of our gifts, that we ‘de-activated’ these abilities so to speak, in order to keep ourselves and others safe.

But that time is over. There is no need to hide anymore – on the contrary, we actually NEED and require those parts of ourselves to be fully re-integrated in order for us to truly awaken, in order for us to be WHOLE. In fact, we just did an awesome webinar all about how YOU can activate the light worker within (including your spiritual gifts and abilities).



The crazy thing is, that most people spend their awakening meditating or using spiritual practices to attempt to develop skills that they ALREADY possess! There is no need to develop these abilities – we just need to ACTIVATE them!!

And the most awesome thing about it? When we activate the light worker within, some truly awesome things can happen:

  • Intuitive abilities emerge or improve
  • Healing abilities emerge or improve
  • Communication abilities improve
  • Align with life purpose/ spiritual mission (which is your greatest joy!)



Here is our 2 step formula to fully activating the light worker within you…

STEP 1 – ACCESS YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS THROUGH THE SECRET 8th CHAKRA (it stores the memories of soul, including previous gifts and abilities)

STEP 2 – ACTIVATE 8TH CHAKRA (wake it up and super charge those abilities once more!)

Yogis used to do this by meditating a seriously intense practice for months or years. You can still do it that way if you want (but now there’s no need to wait that long!) Now we can do it pretty much instantly.

How? We use energy healing to ACCESS the 8th chakra and then ACTIVATE the abilities within. Then, all it takes is practice. We’ve created an exciting new resource to help you to do that PLUS it reduces awakening symptoms at the same time!


What are you waiting for?! Want to learn how to activate the light worker within YOU (and all of your spiritual superpowers too)?! Then check out our FREE masterclass ‘Activate the Light Worker Within & Your Spiritual Superpowers!’ by signing up below.


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