The Spiritual truth about solar storms

You have heard the term “solar storms” and how they affect our electromagnetic field, but what does that mean? What goes on during a solar storm, and how are affected by it? Find out the meaning behind these magnetic disruptions and their valid role in our spiritual ascension.

What is a solar storm

During a solar storm, the sun emanates high energy blasts that hit the earth and affect its vibration. Quoting from Nasa:

Solar storms are a variety of eruptions of mass and energy from the solar surface. Flares, prominences, sunspots, coronal mass ejections are the common harbingers of solar activity. They all involve sudden releases of stored magnetic energy, which accelerates the hot gases near the surface or in the corona of the Sun. Sometimes these particles make it all the way to the Earth and beyond by flowing along the Sun’s magnetic field into interplanetary space. The same ‘charged’ particles can produce their own magnetic fields which can modify the Earth’s magnetic field and affect compass readings… (

What you don’t know is that the sun is in such close proximity to the earth, because it is meant to help the natural elevation of its frequency by broadcasting these spikes. 

You see, the sun holds 9-dimensional energy while the earth used to have only 3-dimensional energy. This caused the earth to vibrate much lower than its original intent and that is why the earth felt so “heavy” and challenging. The lower the dimensional energy, the denser it is and the more it supports low vibrational programs, intentions, beings, attachments, and thought-forms. Read this article to better understand the difference in the frequency of dimensions.

The spiritual meaning of solar storms

In 2012 however, there was a big disturbance on the earth’s shield, that caused it to allow more frequency from the sun to penetrate its energetic fabric. This is when the earth received a big boost of light that caused so many souls to “awaken” spiritually. Many souls were filled with so much pure light that they began to ascend initiating the first wave of Lightworkers, or the “front-runners” to awake. Those are the people that could help anchor higher vibrational energy on earth. Read more about lightworkers here.

As the solar storms continued, they began affecting the earth’s magnetic field slowly. The earth’s shield, however, was blocking much of the sun’s impact on the earth, and for a good reason. You see everything is so perfectly orchestrated to work at the right time, in the right way, and that means that the ascension will occur slowly. You can’t teach someone to swim if you throw him in deep waters from the early beginning, right? Similarly, the progression of the earth’s magnetic field elevation started slowly, allowing time for people to process the new profound energy. So, the earth’s shield downgraded the intensity from the solar storms and altered it into 5D energy to be better sustained and processed by all on earth.

In 2019 we went through massive ascension growth, and the earth’s magnetic field finally achieved a jump in 5D energy. This caused the shield that was blocking the suns’ impact to be completely cleared! You see we didn’t need that shield anymore because earth could sustain higher energy. 

As a result of the earth’s shield clearing however, the solar storms affected us to a greater degree, and we also felt them more intensely than ever before! As the 9D energy hits the earth, it causes profound shifts in our energy fields and rapid growth towards our ascension (read all about ascension here). We can no longer deny that our re-shaping towards light beings has officially begun. With each solar blast, we become a little more lighted, a little more elevated, a little more aligned with our divine capabilities. 

It is true that the earth now is able to sustain 5D energy, but we still have 3D interference on earth causing us to downgrade and experience lower emotions more frequency that we were supposed to. The way we use to observe and react to anything around us, caused by lifetimes of hardships on earth, still exists in our DNA and that is what is causing a delay in our complete transformation. 

The benefits of Solar storms

During the solar storms, the 9D energy that comes directly from the sun, enters the earth’s energy field and cleanses any lower vibrations and density still attached here. Usually, we feel fear rise, flashbacks occur, anxiety or depression show up and that is because they are clearing from within us, and from within the earth. 

Moreover, the high energy that joined us from the sun re-forms our energy fields, or auras strengthening and re-balancing them. 

Our cells receive their own cleansing as our DNA reforms with the crystalline energy from the sun, reprogramming us with “light codes” (read about the light codes here). 

Symptoms from solar storms

Perhaps you have noticed that every time there is an ongoing solar storm, you feel disoriented, anxious, restless or fearful. This goes without saying that the disruption in the magnetic field of the earth causes you to experience a variety of symptoms, as the frequency on earth becomes affected by the high energy transmissions from the sun.

  • For this, you might notice negativity show up from within as certain programs and blockages clear from within you.
  • Shortness of breath is a very common symptom as the atmosphere has elevated and the breath vibrates much higher causing you to feel heaviness until your own energy field adjusts.
  • Anxiety is a very common symptom as you sense the different shifts occurring within you. Read herehow to handle the anxiety.
  • Headaches and migraines occur from exposure to direct sunlight as your crown chakra charges with energy. You need some time to process and anchor that energy into your whole body. Grounding helps a lot here.
  • After a solar storm, you will feel drained as your chakras overwork to implement these high vibration energies within. Take it easy for a day or two and you will feel much better after you have adjusted to the new frequency.
  • Many times you will feel elevated and happy as the solar storms hit, but then as the body anchors the energy and goes through clearing you will notice the exact opposite emotions. Let the old clear and do not resist what comes up.

The truth is that there are many more symptoms that might come during a solar storm, and each time they might differ. Usually, you experience them in waves, as the solar storms come and go within a few days. 


Summing up, the sun plays a major part in our ascension, and these solar storms initiate the earth’s shift to higher dimensions. Yes, we might feel the intensity of the energy waves and their negative symptoms, but in the long run, we benefit tremendously.


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