The Three Suns Dance

Friday 13th Energy Reading:
The Three Suns Dance
  • Say; “I open my heart and life to the creative inspiration of Divine Love. I choose to create happiness in every new day.” Sandra Ann Taylor
  • Say; ”Abundant wealth blossoms all around me. I see the value in my everyday life.” Sandra Anne Taylor
  • Say; “Divine Light, heal purify, and regenerate.” Inna Segal


The Witching Day is upon us! Remember your skills and know that even the most wounded can feel. The birthing of our powers within comes now with a new song and prayer to heal. Do the work embodied within and teach what you know, mastered and skilled. As the Three Suns reach the earth, do not fear their reveal. The crystalline of abundance brings regeneration that is truly vast and real. Now is time to speak with the Sapphire Moon and the echo Grounds Keepers. Find them by their Blue glow and help them conduit the truth Speakers.

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