The Truth About Psychic Attacks And Where They Come From

My articles are geared to lightworkers because that is the journey I was on and know about. All lightworkers are starseeds but not all starseeds are lightworkers. In December I decided to start figuring out where these attacks that plague lightworkers come from. When I started asking questions about it. I pierced the veil of truth. This veil is illusions and lies that keep you from seeing the truth. These illusions are over your third eye and have you viewing what is happening to you through these illusions.  These illusions are consciousnesses. The divine feminine is the first 5 layers or dimensions of your journey. The next 5 layers or dimensions are the divine masculine. The divine feminine is about healing the victim consciousness, and that illusion you have to see through to start the phase in your journey to heal the divine masculine.

To heal the divine feminine you have to see through the illusion that you are a victim and that anything outside of you can harm you, have control over you, or do anything to you. That is taking your power back. As long as you think psychic attacks come from outside of you, you are in victim consciousness. As long as you think you are being attacked by demons and entities or evil aliens are implanting anything in you. You are still in victim consciousness and stay stuck.  I was there before last December. You can read my blogs and watch video’s from before that and see I clearly believed this too. Then I began to think that it made no sense for us to come here and be victimized by evil things we have no control over. That it wasn’t fair and the universe is all about being fair and balanced.

So I started asking questions and doing readings about where this negative energy lightworkers are attacked by comes from. I then realized, it doesn’t come from outside of us. It comes from us. That is why crystals, sage, salt, and shielding doesn’t work. It comes from us. It is energy from our damaged unhealed inner child. This inner child when triggered releases energy from your unhealed subconscious blocks that make up your damaged inner child. Your unhealed inner child is located inside your subconscious. When this energy is released it travels through the layers of the divine masculine and divine feminine. The more layers you heal the closer you get to the wounded inner child the denser the energy gets. That is what implants are it’s really dense energy released by a wound on your inner child.. They are not put inside us from aliens, it comes from us. All negative energy comes from our unhealed wounds. Nothing comes from outside us, we are not victims, we are just under the illusion we are victims. Once you realize you are not a victim and take your power back you heal the victim consciousness. Once you can say I AM responsible for my body, my thoughts and my emotions and nothing outside of me has power or dominance over me. No one can make me feel or think anything. I have control over myself and how I choose to react when triggered. You have healed your victim consciousness and you move into healing the divine masculine. You then have achieved I AM and taken your power back.

So when you hear someone talking about being gangstalked or attacked by anything outside themselves, that person hasn’t healed their divine feminine victim consciousness. They aren’t even halfway through their journey. They still have the veil of illusion of victim consciousness over their third eye and viewing what happens to them as a victim. A victim sees everything that is happening to them coming from outside of themselves and out of their control. This illusion and all illusions are lies from the past causing you to see the present through a veil of an illusion. I am not putting anyone down. I was in the same place 6 months ago, but I started questioning it. Then I found the truth.

My search for the truth has been the theme of my journey. The whole lightworker journey is about seeing the truth about yourself, because as a child you were told lies about yourself by the people around you. Lies that caused illusions and for you not to be able to see the truth. These lies have you wearing a false mask and keep you from living your true life you are meant to live. This journey is about little by little removing that false mask so you can live your truth. That is why I named my blog soulsistertruth because I am all about the truth. I found my truth and want to help you find yours.

To move out of the divine feminine victim consciousness you have to take your power back. You can’t move into the divine masculine and begin to heal the poverty consciousness illusion that causes you to only see lack and loss in your life and not how very abundant your life really is. Once that veil is removed and you see only abundance that is around you. You become very happy with your life and life becomes so much better, because your inside has become abundant. Change always begins inner then reflects outward change. Every time you heal inside you raise your vibration and then everything around you has to raise to meet yours.This is how you achieve an abundant life by having abundance inside you first then everything around you in your outer life become abundant too.

My goal is to keep sharing my truth so you can find yours. Something will resonate with you if it is on your same level of consciousness or higher. If if doesn’t resonate with you then hopefully a seed was planted and when it starts to grow. It will be a flower that overtakes the weeds of lies and illusions. So you can see your truth.

Much Love and Blessings,


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