These Mantras Will Unblock The Energy In Your Chakras

We all know that sounds vibrate and what is also important to know is that all our chakras have their own vibration as well.

In the following text you can learn the mantras which are in a specific vibrational harmony with the chakras and their primary aim is to open and harmonize the whole body system.

If you want more powerful effects use these mantras while you are meditating. Metaphorically speaking, the chakra is a kind of instrument and the mantra is the tuning fork. Striking the tuning fork will make both the instrument and the fork be in a vibrational resonance, thus removing those energies which have different resonance.

In the text below you can find 5 seed mantras for unblocking your energy:

These are the basic mantras also known as bija or seed mantras which were used in meditation for harmonizing the energy.

• OM – This is the universal and well known sound which causes the energy flow freely and openly throughout your body. It is also known as mantra of assent and acceptance. It gathers the inward energy preparing it for movement.

• KRIM (the pronunciation is “kreem”) – This mantra awakens the lower chakras and purifies the body.

• SHRIM ( it is pronounced “shreem”) – This mantra is associated with the head and the third eye. It improves the physical and the spiritual health and brings happiness and beauty to our senses.

• HRIM (the pronunciation is “hreem”) – It stimulates the healing powers and the creativity. It also purifies your heart and awakens your compassion.

• HUM ( it is pronounced “hoom”) – This mantra eliminates the negative feelings and evokes vitality and positivity through your body.

You can choose those mantras that you feel you really need. You do not have to use all of them since your body may be energetically healthier in some areas but not in others. Choose the mantra you feel you mostly need and use it at the beginning of your meditation.

Incorporating mantras may establish the tone for the meditation. You can also include the cleansing mantras described further in the text. There are 7 cleansing mantras each one corresponding each of the 7 body chakras.

These are the 7 cleansing mantras:

• LAM – This mantra corresponds the Root Chakra which connects you to the earth. Chanting the LAM mantra will purify the impurities which are collected in this chakra. It opens you up to feelings of belonging, prosperity and security. This mantra will clear the blocked energies which cannot move freely towards other energy centers. You can chant this mantra if you feel that your energy is pretty low; if you face some financial difficulties; if your self-esteem is low and you suffer from various stress provoking ailments, such as the adrenal fatigue.

• VAM – This mantra is intended for the Sacral Chakra, which is responsible for the creativity, pleasure and sexuality. If this chakra is blocked you will not be able to build up relationships with other people and you will be afraid of change. Chant this mantra if your self-image is pretty poor; if you are unable to open yourself up in new relationships; if your libido is very low or you are not satisfied with your sexual life.

• RAM – It is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is considered as the seat of the personal power. Incorporating this mantra during your meditation will help you control the negative impulses and gain better self-control. It will also increase your ability to defend and support yourself. This mantra will help you increase your self confidence and will eliminate the stomach pains caused by anxiety.

• YAM – It cleanses the Heart Chakra, which is responsible for receiving love and energy. If you face relationship difficulties or you do not feel lovable, compassionate and loving, this mantra may help you overcome those problems.

It will heal both your spiritual and physical heart preparing you to receive compassion and unconditional love.

• HAM – It is used for unblocking the Throat Chakra, which represents your voice, both the physical and the spiritual one. It helps you communicate with the world about who you are, what you need and what you want for yourself and what you want from the whole universe as well. This chakra helps you express yourself. If you find difficulties to express your desires and needs and you feel closed and frustrated as a result of that, chant this mantra during your meditation. If this chakra is closed it makes the integrity and honesty difficult to embody. “RAM” vibrations will open the chakra and your energy will flow freely.

• AUM – (or OM) – It is linked to the Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye is located on the forehead and it is connected with the brain. This mantra is known as universal since it can be used in all types of meditation, but it is specifically intended for purifying the Third Eye . It is the place of life purpose and intuition. By incorporating this mantra you will release yourself from the constraints that prevent you to listen your intuition. By purifying this chakra you will use your wisdom more and create a life full of passion and purpose.

• OM or AH – This mantra is intended for the Crown Chakra, which connects your inner being to the Divine force. If it is closed feelings of pointlessness and insignificance may appear. That disconnects you from the spirit and makes you more attached to the physical world, possessions and relationships. According to some experts spending time in silence may open this chakra but this mantra can be also extremely useful. The sound of AH is also known as release, since you normally do it when letting go your breath when you breathe deeply.

These mantras will purify your energy so that you can thrive and live healthier life. They will also help you to live more meaningful life and experience the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional change.

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