Third Eye, Brow, Ajna: Explore the Third Eye

Third Eye, Brow, Ajna: Explore the Third Eye-even when you are weak or you are strong.


This chakra is the center of perception and command.  We relate to ourselves through Ajna.  Interpretations of the world; Inner worlds and the world that comes into your body primarily through sight.   Ajna is the ultimate code breaker, pattern maker and the seat of understanding.

I realize I have been active in this chakra throughout my begining journey. It was here in this energy that prompt me to intuitively follow the loud messages that lately the world has been giving out. My main goal at the beginning of the chakra journey was to sift through the noise and find true importance, find true balance. Ajna, in balance, sifts through the noise and silence from all preceptive data and impressions. Ajna is the commend center to energy flow within the body. This data and impressions interpreted by your being and ego mind and body is connected to the flow energy you use.

From conception, birth, and to the present, you have been developing your ability to be at your natural awareness of humanity, spirituality and the world. All experience has prepared you for your potential services and awareness. Everything happens for a reason. Early developed fears and resistance in your life has attracted experience to overcome the certain fears and resistance. The same for happiness and gratitude.

Once we begin to embrace all the challenges with insight, love, and expectance we will learn, let go and transcend through humanity, knowledge and spiritual knowing. As we see what is happening all over the world in today’s reality, is the reflection of the our holistic being. There is an unease throughout the many realms and levels of life through to death. When Ajna is in balance, we see clearly with no judgment and understand what we see. We become open to new ideas, new dreams, new visions. We can be quietly observant and reflective. Lastly but not least, we can control the energy flow within us through love and intention.

Unbalance of Ajna

The development stage of Ajna is adolescence. I can tell you from experience that this is absolutely true. As I know for many, my teenage years were extremely challenging. Eventually, when I felt my mind was about to break to insanity from the turmoil of unbalance in my mind, body and spirit, I confided in a ‘shrink’ and demanded her to put me in lock up and away from the world. when she asked me why, I told her that I am schizophrenic. She open my eyes when she said there is no way that I have that illness. When I asked why, she simply said because you would not be able to sit here and talk to me.

I realized at this point that I needed to dial down my own mind (manifested fears) and that I had the capability to do this. The main challenge to open this chakra is illusion. The ability to separate reality, fantasy and delusion is the connection with healthfulness. Staying fully present is the avenue to wisdom; learn through individual experience and put them into perspective. Achieve the art of detachment (small mindedness), because if we can imagine it, we can create. The shape associated with the third eye chakra is the five pointed star and two petals. The physical disfunction associated with the brow chakra are; tumors, strokes, blindness, deafness, spinal disfunction, panic and depression. The mental disfunction associated with the brow chakra are; fear of truth, discipline, judgment, evaluation, emotional intelligence, concept of reality and confusion.

When you are at your weakest you become strong

When you are weak or your Ajna is blocked, you are confronted with all forms of illusion. You become analytical, busy, ‘churn mode’, exhausted and stressed. It is the best time to stop and embrace the waves or static that is slamming into you so forcefully. Breathe deeply into your mind. Feel the flow, sometimes you feel crackling, opening the flow of energy filling your pineal gland that isn’t used to being used because of all the artificial light eluding it from existence as well as alcoholism cutting you off from the gland completely. The melatonin you create is extremely important to the brow chakra. Valerian root is very helpful for this as well as pure darkness.

Balance the Ajna

Weakness of your chakra is that of when you dismiss your own knowing and become stuck or lost. When it comes to a sense of purpose and a path in life, you fall to ritualistic and dogmatic behaviors such as following blindly certain leaders or systems that give a sense of purpose or meaning. you get wrapped up in an active imagination getting stuck in worry and regret. You imagine all that can go wrong, the negative things people say or think about you. You feel you need to take serious action to fix the broken. You spend a lot of your day in analytical/churning mode trying to figure everything out and frustrated when you can’t. This churn mode creates you to not be present, have difficult sleep or staying asleep. High attachment to things turning out the way you want them to causes a constant emotional roller coaster ride. When you continue this way you experience frequent, chronic or basic physical symptoms such as; headaches, upper/frontal sinus conditions, neurological disorders of eyes, ears and outer brain.

Find Strength

When you are in balance, you spend most of your time in relaxed flow mode. You tap into wisdom and intuition when you are in an excepting of your being. Excepting of the guidance of your soul which has been there all along through your experiences. Your ego may try to tell you that listening to your true self is not of free will, but it was the ego that claimed free will in and of itself. Some good things to incorporate in your day to day life is;

  • Reflection; this will help you see clearly and see through the illusions. Know that the physical perspective is only one aspect. Pay attention to what you are seeing with and try and incorporate all senses/elements; soil, water, fire, air and ether. Listen to the story and let go of what no longer serves you and embrace a new born energy and understanding of who you really are. Ultimately, when you are feeling low energy and lousy, you can’t trust how you are seeing things at that moment. For any action from this point of distortion to ‘fix’ will just make things worse. Like minded cellular activity creates more like minded cells.
  • Free Writing; Experiment with your thoughts. Watch your thoughts pass by in your mind. These thoughts are recycled through the universe (noise). choose the ones that resonate with you and let go of ones that don’t serve you and your forward thinking. Write questions you are unclear of and want to get more clear intuitive/internal guidance on. Don’t try to edit your thoughts, just write them and see the kinds of answers that emerge. If something causes your soul to stir, or makes your heart glow, take action in that direction. Stay open, curious, patient, light hearted about your process.
  • Sounds and Vibrations; intone – ‘OM’, use the word ‘Home’ and feel the vibration. Imagine indigo blue light. Send healing and balance energy to the eyes, ears brain. Experiment with the intoning with ears plugged and unplugged. There are some fascinating You Tube such as Zenliferelax, that you can play in the background that expose you to the higher vibrations at certain vibrational Hertz levels. These sounds help healing and opening your mind and body to higher vibration skills. When you start from the Root vibrational sounds, you are slowly healing each chakra and understanding it’s toll on your mind and body. So many of us are stuck in lower vibrational frequencies that when we hear or are exposed to the higher ones, they seem to cause an extreme pressure within us and that is because of the blockages, pains, thought processes, and lifestyles that keep us from experiencing our wholeness. Every part of you needs to be embraced and loved understood and accepted in order to allow higher vibrations to flow through you with synchronicity.
  • Chakra Breath; Alternate nostril breathing by using your finger to close the left nostril and slowly breathe into the right nostril. Then switch plugging the right and breathe out of the left. Breathe into the left nostril and out through the right nostril. This will help stimulate and balance both hemispheres of your brain and create a more relaxed state. Practicing this also helps calm the breath and quickly calms the busy churning mind.
  • Perform Yoga Asana; Cat/cow position. Helps with energy flow.
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