Third Eye Chakra/Ajna

Third Eye Chakra/Ajna
This chakra is the center of perception and command. We relate to ourselves through Ajna. Interpretations of the world; Inner worlds and the world that comes into your body primarily through sight. Ajna is the ultimate code breaker, pattern maker and the seat of understanding.
I realize I have been active in this chakra throughout my life journey. It was here in this energy that prompt me to intuitively follow the loud messages that lately the world has been giving out.
My main goal at the beginning of the chakra journey was to sift through the noise and find true importance, find true balance. Ajna, in balance, sifts through the noise and silence from all preceptive data and impressions.
Ajna is the command center to energy flow within the body. This data and impressions interpreted by your being and ego mind and body is connected to the flow energy you use.
From conception, birth, and to the present, you have been developing your ability to be at your natural awareness of humanity, spirituality and the world. All experience has prepared you for your potential services and awareness.
Everything happens for a reason. Early developed fears and resistance in your life has attracted experience to overcome these certain fears and resistance. The same for happiness and gratitude.
Once we begin to embrace all the challenges with insight, love, and expectance we will learn, let go and transcend through humanity, knowledge and spiritual knowing.
As we see what is happening all over the world in today’s reality, is the reflection of the our holistic being. There is an unease throughout the many realms and levels of life through death.
When Ajna is in balance, we see clearly with no judgment and understand what we see. We become open to new ideas, new dreams, new visions. We can be quietly observant and reflective. Lastly but not least, we can control the energy flow within us through love and intention.
Cut through illusion and accept a deeper truth.
Use all the tools given to you to transcend yourself to a point of witness, observer or being mindful. The brow chakra, also known as ajna and third eye, can interpret emotions, feelings, energy, ether, genetics, history and so on to paint you a story of enlightenment revealing your path of the collective awareness in the world.
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