Thraot Chakra Misalignment

Body/mind Condition;

Scoliosis, Anxiety, PTSD, Financial disorder

Emotion/body conditions:

Scoliosis is a condition that effects the throat chakra energy center. It is developed from childhood when you were unable to speak your own thoughts, truths and or feelings. Expression and discernment are the liberators of this blockage. If we don’t express ourselves or learn to listen with a moral and ethical focus, then the energy that relays messages and information throughout our body becomes stuck and scattered like free radicals. The most effected chakra besides the main issue being throat is sacral and root chakra. Those centers have to do with your security rather that be financial or health and creativity or energy expression.

Anxiety is the emotion that can help you realize that there is a serious blockage in one of your centers, in this case it would be the throat suppressing or courageously trying to stand in truth with defense and confusion. This is a normal response for everyone who has suffered from scoliosis. As a child, you were limited by your environment of what decisions you were allowed to make. Our parents make decisions for us when we are young. Some of those decisions caused trauma (ptsd) because we didn’t want to choose, or we wanted the opposite of what we were given or we were unfairly given a choice that ends up hurting one or all parties involved.

PTSD is a condition that is what keeps parts of your body frozen in a past state of resistance causing the same response to a serious trauma. A trauma for a child can be a discipline action taken towards you, witnessing a fight or an argument that made you feel helpless. When certain ‘triggers’ happen in present time; such as a voice, sound, smell, situation, etc, your body automatically begins the fight or flight position preparing you to make the autonomic decisions you have always made since the original trauma.

Financial disorder is a condition most of the world is suffering from. This stems from living in lack; lack of security and lack of expression, lack of confidence, lack of knowledge, etc. In other words, money is an energy tool. If you wield money like you are in lack of it, you attract more lack of it. If you wield money around in your life with the intension to invest in abundance then you will attract more abundance. This is also something that would stem from childhood. If our example of security and abundance energy was perceived as a threatening belief stigma (money is bad, negative, stressful etc.) then its a good chance that this condition stems from the same essence as the above conditions.

Vitamins and minerals and oils: promotes your own healing process:

  • Epsom salt bath with lavender and magnesium oil every evening
  • Vitamin B12 complex (liquid form 1/day)
  • Chamomile tea in the evening – has apigenin and luteolin helps calm restlessness and anxiety
  • Turmeric and black pepper helps to control inflammation
  • Ashwaganda, Kava or Gaba helps with lowering cortisol levels and relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Magnesium with malate to help absorb organic magnesium to calm your muscles
  • Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and helps defend the body from chronic diseases.
  • Slippery Elm Helps soothe throat to digestive issues
  • St John’s Wort 1-3mg p/d (do not take with antidepressants)
  • Valerian Root improves sleep and calms the nerves
  • Omega 3 found in nuts, flaxseed and salmon

Mind Solutions:

  • Journey through the timeless and find the triggers from your childhood that has kept you frozen in a cycle of time and emotional expression. listen to the emotion your body has stored for this memory; sometimes just talking about it, or watching a movie or even a smell can help trigger to release. It is time for you to go and be the mother/ father you need to be for that fractured child memory that is part of you. This is no one else’s responsibility now. This is yours to take back your power and emotional well being.
  • Change your lifestyle with respect to expressing and learning new ways to react in situations. Use Breath work to help open you energy centers and listen to your rhythm and how it gels with people around you. Also, establish consistent and predictable boundaries for yourself and your loved ones. Practice ebb and flow; this is matching the level of action to reaction; it is a form of balance. Less reacting and more observing how you react can help recognize and make changes to your external expression.
  • Make a list of people that are the most supportive and important to you in your present living (from your children to your family and friends). Use your list to help you practice verbally expressing your positive gratitude to each of them. This will help with throat blockages and will in turn become stronger in your own soul/truth/authenticity.
  • The world will reflect what you need to heal inside. practice dealing with one concern at a time. Try and notice the subtle experiences that trigger your emotional body and try not to judge or defend. Just observe and try and untangle the personal energy that seems raveled in the experience. The goal here is to take back your power and consciously use it for abundance investing; such as finding the most valuable information to hold within yourself through present experience.
  • Remember to Laugh, ensure adequate rest, practice deep breathing. detoxify when ever you can (saunas are great for this, massages, acupressure, acupuncture)
  • Surround yourself with high energy rocks, crystals, incense and oils as well as qi gong exercises, chakra sounds that you can find on youtube helps with rising your cellular vibrations and heal internal physical trauma. These are just small self help ideas to support your well being along the way. The trick is to find your sovereignty and your internal twin flame (your own masculine and feminine energy). Make friends and peace with your true self.

Oil Samples for physical relief and emotional release;

Due to biochemical individuality, what works for one person may not work for another. The most important thing is to never give up faith in the healing process and have faith in yourself to heal.

Magnesium Oil: works really well for relaxation among many other things

Ylang Ylang oil for diffusing in the home for mood enhancing (calms the system and increases alertness and attention without the parasympathetic responds). Combats depression, free radicals, inflammation, bacteria, fungus, insects, excess melanin

Frankincense oil helps with digestion, immune functions, oral health, respiratory issues, stress and anxiety.

Lavender oil commonly known to relieve cellular stress.

Sandelwood oil calms anxiety, restlessness and nervousness

Neroli oil, Geranium oil and Spikenard oil aids in calming the nervous system

Rose oil & citrus oil lifts mood and brings you to the present time

Peppermint oil lifts mood and relieves headaches

Vetiver oil supremely grounding oil that promotes focus and has been shown to help with ADHD management.

The best herbs and oils to blend and play with in an inhaler or diffuser machine or jewelry that can work for you along with the others mentioned: Caraway, clove, eucalyptus, ginger, marjoram, oregano, roman camomile, tea tree, thyme, turmeric.

Exercise Affirmations: To help train your brain and promote the energy/circumstances to shift around you. Say three times two times a day (morning/evening);

  • ‘The world supports me in my financial goals. I am making synchronistic connections that serve and honor me’ “
  • ‘My life is easy and full of synchronicity. I flow the most divine path for me.’
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