Throat Chakra from My Soul to Yours


In this polarized world today, the 5th chakra is being challenged in every way you can possibly imagine. From all the leaders and religious believers to the seeming forever oppressed and growing manipulations of our children and straight down to the Earth’s core of essential being.

The throat chakra is the lotus flower of 16 petals which represents the 16 abilities that a human can potentially master. To voice communication and choice is the liberation of this chakra. When you work with this chakra you open your body and mind to meet your true being within. Vishuddha is the communication, the sound, the creative expression and the telepathic ability to hear through the Akashic experience. Ears are the organ of knowledge and the vocal chords are the organ of action. When you stop and listen to the sounds of the external world, you can experience the vast ether connection of the world.

When you are knowing that all is happening for a reason, rather you know what it is or not, your mind can stop and awaken in the world of the silent story. You can hear the stories of the collective source. This collective can be of present time to the forever past and the forever future. A true unconditional love and acceptance to your being, who lives within the cosmo space, can create the whole Human Being to be conscious in life. We are not just one but we are all. No God or Goddess (your being) is left behind.

I Speak Truth

I speak truth’ is the powerful mantra of the throat chakra.

We need to learn to go beyond the egos and express ourselves in the most truthful manner. In the terms of the Kundalini awakenings, this happens automatically as you spontaneously bring together opposing tendencies. Within its higher discriminatory capacity, this chakra provides greater freedoms for personal choice and strengthening our will power.

Meet Your Being

When you find the right balance, that perfect frequency for you, authenticity expression of self and harmonious communication will fall together. Keep practicing the balance of listening and speaking and being honest, creative and self expressive. Be artistic and confident. Being able to express ideas and thoughts and having a good sense of humor with the eb and flow of life will keep you grounded and liberated on Earth. Pick the perfect time of day to throw good intentional thoughts for Earth and all beings within it. Get creative with how to express yourself. These journals help me integrate the chakra shift from linear thought. A creative expression of my mind and experience. We all have this inner voice longing to be heard and expressed. Once you release the past emotions and fears and seek through the deep empathy of your being, suffering on Earth will be no more. Sing, chant, love, laugh, shout, cry and live in balance with Earthling and Spirit since it all works through you and your openness to karmic solutions.

Balance and Energies

There are so many things affected within the throat chakra when it is blocked it is hard to name them all. When you can work through the ailment of the throat from genetically passed down (Stutter, Tourettes, speech impediments) to the ones arising and adding to the collective presently, you will be shifting your awareness. You will be shifting your vibrational levels on this Earth and in your everyday life. You will be liberating your ancestors from the spiritual oppression that has hung over us all for so long. For some of you with deep empath abilities, you will not only understand, but will feel the unconditional pain and the unconditional love for each generation. The goal of throat chakra opening is to live in awareness, meet and be as one with your true self and his or her burdens and joys. The intolerable suffering on Earth is the precious impression of suffering in Spirit. They must both coexist to allow the harmony of eb and flow to continue. Don’t just try Being on this Earth with your family and your friends, for you are wasting in the time Being with them. Just be in the present, create in the present, love in the present, live in presence.

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