Throat Chakra; ‘I Speak My Truth’

5th Chakra; Purification; Cleansing,

Color Blue

Element Akasha; Ether material and non material entities

Parts involved; Thyroid, endocrine, neck, shoulders, mouth, arms, teeth, parathyroid, esophagus, vocal chords, cervical vertebrae, Trachea

Essences; Frankinscense, Ylang ylang, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, Neroli

Yoga; Sarvangasana, Halasana,Matsyasana, Sinhasana

Rocks; Aquamarine, Blue, tourmaline, Lapiz, lazuli, turquois

Just Be

Envision blue in your throat chakra. Eat high water content food. Rub sandalwood, rose, Ylang ylang on your throat chakra area. Drink water or warm herbal tea. Have the rocks around you; the three most important ones would be;

  • sacral- orange,
  • heart- green/pink
  • throat – blue.

These three chakra need to be synchronized the closest since they are the three most common suffering and are being suppressed in the physical world. I found that Jason Stephenson and Michael Sealy have the most powerful meditation collections on You Tube to subscribe to for free. Phillis Curott writes the most intriguing book of her journey through finding her Being (Book of Shadows). Find the tools you need to help guide your path to opening your Vishuddha.

We are all unique on the how to get there. Our Journey is our sacred self and contributes to the collective Akashic Story.

Segregation Damage and Danger

At the Vishuddha, you can be stuck with two aspects of your mind. When we try to keep Spirit and mind separate living dualistically, the karmic solution plays over and over. This is what has been our own prison and there are so many of us that have not yet broke free from this. This aspect of ego is in constant assessment and reasoning. The ego lives by ‘I will fight and even kill to remain in power.’

Tools to strengthen

Wisdom and experience

Values and principles

No attachments and no expectations

Our mind is the creator of all experience; The Karma of every situation and all the happiness and sorrows. The Vishuddha is vast and affords us with many skills and possibilities. Get in front of the fears and face the present omniscience.

Aroma is powerful

Our senses are heightened in the throat chakra. Surround yourself with the burning of sage and sweetgrass. Sandalwood incense is very calming. Natural herbs and oils are essential to opening your mind and body to Earth and Spirit for healthy healing. Smoke is not as bad as you think when you see the other side. The shadow side that is.

Higher vibrations, Lighter Being

Research the imbalances of the throat chakra

Find your focus to heal and breakthrough; listen to the imbalance like a child trying to tell you whats wrong.

Fill your imbalance with love and acceptance. The Serenity prayer helps.

Remind yourself of the good and bad lessons through your life. Love and accept them. learn from them in the timeless and let them go.

Feel yourself fully in the now, in the present. Be present and experience your true pace and take part in the momentum contributing to a new shift in the universe guiding the ship to liberation.


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