Throat chakra meditation with binaural beats and charged with Throat energy

Throat chakra meditation with binaural beats and charged with Throat energy

This meditation uses binaural beats that require stereo headphones to get the best results. It is also charged with pure healing, clearing, balancing and rel…

About the author: Dawn Bailey

I was guided to invite you to what I am building to guide lightworkers about the kundalini journey. The kundalini journey is the journey to your Higher Self. This kundalini is energy coming to you from the Divine to dissolve fear based energy that has been weighing your vibration down. Your Higher Self is a completely healed high vibrational you. It does end and then you have such a high vibration you can manifest your best life. You can’t manifest with a low vibration and the trauma and pain we have gone through in life has lowered our vibration down. Kundalini is the process of the universe helping you remove and heal that fear based energy.
I am trying to bring you as much information about yourself and your journey as possible.

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I am not just teaching you about kundalini/The Higher Self Journey, but keeping you informed about the awakening of the collective as that has now begun.

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The more time and energy invested in yourself and this journey the faster you complete it and start living your best life.It is a lot of work but the payoff is huge!

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