Tips To Stop Telepathic Communication With Another

From my experience it depends heavily on the connection you had with the person and what sort of power they have and conscious intent they have. If they are sitting there doing it on purpose and are aware of their ability it can take more frequent awareness and pushing it out and blocking it.

Aside from doing traditional cord cutting you can put intent in a meditation to end all soul agreements/contracts type of things left in place that could still be open. Ask your guides to assist and you can visualize those contracts being completed or burned up or whatever feels right to you. Also make a solid statement that it isn’t allowed and believe you are more powerful than they are and have the power to control your own experience, your telepathy and your energy.

What has worked the best for me is viewing a telepathic or psychic door to the person (normally I see this more in my head area) and then I close the door to that person and lock up the door good and tight. It’s like my psychic/telepathic mind house that they aren’t allowed entry into anymore. And before I close the door I do a huge push energetically to shove them all the way out and back to their own field.

It can also be more intense if the person is attached to you energetically in a way, hanging outside of your fields, or managed to get inside your auric field. It helps to go into the center of your being, to your immense soul power, going straight into it, feeling your power, and pushing out in all directions very powerfully from that core and pushing everyone and everything out that isn’t your own energy.

Lastly this one is a little more tough to visualize, but you could feel or do it in whatever way comes best to you. And that’s checking on the quantum level and for the quantum entanglement there with that person. I generally visualize or see this as like vines or string all wrapped up and entangled together, even like knotted in a way. So it’s seeing/feeling that and unraveling it and taking the vine or string that is the other person and giving them the boot out of your quantum field.

The issue of repetition can come up if there’s still something unresolved within yourself about that person or relationship and on some level, subconscious or other you are still allowing that person in or desiring it in some way. So really tuning in and being honest with yourself and completing any healing and doing releasing to make sure you are fully complete on your end with it is also suggested.

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