Here Is The Deeper Meaning Behind Angel Number 1010

by Conscious Reminder

Since we are nearing October 10th, it’d be feasible for us to understand the spiritual significance of this number.

It could get interesting, for we have forever held on to the idea that numbers are just that, numbers. But numbers too have their own vibrations, which makes it a conduit for change.

We know that the Universe converses with us. They tell us all about the signs that would be of use. But they can’t communicate directly, can they?

Therefore, they send numbers, and a few humans on Earth understand that number as a sign from the Universe to create something new. Otherwise, how could the Pyramids have been built?

The number 10 is all about making a big change in your lifestyle. Maybe not so much as a change, as it is a leap. You take a leap in every level of your life and hope that you find solid footing.

See, we all come to this life with a journey in mind. Our soul plans it for us and we know what we have to do. But sometimes, we might get derailed, or taken off the sidewalk.

And that, while being perfectly normal, doesn’t really help us. It isn’t the jobs we do, or even the place we live, that makes up our journey. It is the very day that we spend.

If we start each day with a positive vibe, we are following the road charted before us. Otherwise, we are just messing up. Yet, sometimes bad things do happen, don’t they?

The trick is to shift your consciousness to such an extent that you simply see the opportunities coming behind the dark cloud. And the day 10/10 is all about realizing how to get to that level of consciousness.

It is about the insight which will tell you where to go, what to do, and what to let go of.

We have all been hurt in our lives. But the trick is to forgive. You can’t hold onto a grudge all your life, simply because you don’t want to move on. It all depends upon how you see life and how you experience the extremities of it.

You must understand that forgiveness is the first step towards growth. You can help yourself by forgiving others.

Here, forgiving has a different meaning. It isn’t about supporting the mistakes or the crimes someone else did, but rather erasing the anger and the negativity you feel for that person.

Let’s just say that the very process of forgiving is cathartic. It cleanses your own self, which is something which we all need in order to develop as humans in this world.

On this day then, you can try to uplift and forgive yourself, by writing a letter to yourself that forgives you for all the anger you have in you.

Next, include every single person you are angry towards. In the end, you will find true peace, as your soul gets unblemished of any vitriol.

You don’t really have to send that letter to someone, as it is for your eyes only. This is simply to nudge you in the right direction. And nothing else. As your soul clears up, use the power of 10/10 to get what you truly seek.

Imagine. Think. Create.

This is what 10/10 is all about. As you think and imagine, what you wish for manifests into reality. A new chapter begins in your life and you will be extremely grateful for what it brings.

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