Transcending Judgment & Fear Based Programming

Transcending Judgment & Fear Based Programming

One of the golden keys of true Spiritual transformation, in fact the golden rule itself, requires we practice non judgment and love. The higher dimensions (heavenly planes) of consciousness require us to master this practice, because fear and judgment don’t exist in the higher light.

About the author: Tara Allgood

I had my first experiences of angelic and ET contact as a child, born into a bloodline program , I was the cutest little Indigo soul with advanced psychic sensitivities and intelligence. I experienced very serious targeting and have survived and now thrive, in spite of having known terrible abuses through the Monarch and Secret Space program projects.

As a survivor and an Intuitive, I have had a long and complex journey of Multidimensional healing that has given me the tools and talents to assist others with their own Ascension process, spritual healing and overcoming mind control programs, psychological warfare, as well as processing pain and trauma in a healthy way. A lot of what I do is simply stand in my own authenticity, and Multidimensionality while unapologetically speaking for voices that are hard to hear and revealing ideas that are hard to see. My unique background has given me an inside view to some pretty mysterious things.

It was absolutely an angelic visitation and subsequent spontaneous "kundalini" rising event that occurred after a failed suicide attempt while programmed, which I credit with my Awakening, in 2005. No matter how challenging your situation is, even if you're captive from the inside out, there IS a way to free yourself and claim your soveireignty in spirit, override MK programming and cultivate observer awareness. I have been blessed to have experienced so much Divine support in my healing journey and love teaching and helping others on their own path of Spiritual transformation. I offer one on one Intuitive readings and classes to help others understand Ascension and develop their own discernment and use of their higher sensory perception.

I have a Bachelors degree in psychology and just about done with my degree in Metaphysical Science. I have had training by some of the best teachers in Intuitive Healing, including Reiki (which I have my Master Practicioner's certificate for) and mediumship. I would like to see the truth about the present war on consciousness and the biological aacension process to be revealed to more of humanity, the lies can't live in the light of Truth, our own pain and fear can't either. The Children of Light are here, the time to fly is now and I only hope I get to be a part of seeing and assisting more beings with that journey. God IS Love, God is Light, God is Truth 🙏