Twin Flames & The Serendipity Phenomenon

by Conscious Reminder

When you are blessed with Twin Flame serendipity, it goes to prove that the Universe is collaborating to help you in the pursuit of your Mirror Soul.

This powerful force holds you together at all times and prevents you from coming apart at the seams. The Universe fights for certain souls to be together. And such things are too strange and too strong to be mere coincidences.

It is a fact that some people enter your life at the exact moment of need, want, and desire. We call it a coincidence or sometimes fate. But there is no denying the fact that they came into your life to make you smile.

While this is a part of life in moderation among us in general, Twin Flames encounter it more frequently. Their whole life experience is one of happy coincidences and accidents that get them nearer to an eventual union.

But don’t treat it as an accident. This is an integral part of a journey in which destiny will stand by you to walk together. Universal Ascension encourages and energizes Twin Souls.

How Does Serendipity Generate And Intensify This Electrifying Karmic Experience?

An Identical Childhood

The initial sign of Twin Flame serendipity is the similarity in your childhood that will only be realized much later. These experiences of similarity could be anything, like having common childhood interests.

These similarities in personal experiences allow you to set up an emotional standard. We are the product of our childhood experiences. So knowing someone who has shared a similar experience will help you connect better and easier.

This is what leads to sibling relations being so much closer. This is what creates the passionate allurement that dwells among Mirror Souls. It also helps both realize the journey that they have traversed so far.

Missed One Another By A Whisker

Both have come agonizingly close to one another several times in the past. It is a part of all Twin Flame relations and will have happened quite a few times before.

To your astonishment, you will realize that you both have been at the same place and at that precise moment. But you will realize now that you both were not ready to get together at that stage.

Things wouldn’t have panned out if you had met then as there were other impediments. It would have prevented you from establishing a relationship.

Twin Flame Contact

Your first meeting will turn into the most prevailing experience ever in Twin Flame serendipity. This has come about because you were both set for the bond. There will be numerical coincidences before.

Your first encounter will take place in an unusual place, a place where you generally do not visit.

For both of you, something will happen in life that will take you far from the routine. You will draw towards your opposite number like a magnet.

Twin Flame Convergence

This feeling of serendipity does not conclude with this initial meeting. This will turn out to be the heart of your union and will endure as the best part of it.

You will encounter other signs around you. There may be Twin Flame digits like 11, 101, 11:11, and  1000. Their name, favorite symbols, and spirit animals will come up frequently. You will now start meeting them frequently in the most unheard-of places.

This will work both ways as they will go to the places you frequent and they will pop up in places where you are a frequent visitor. This will help you to stay focused on one another. You will ease into the others’ path once and for all.

There will be a gradual change, with a transformation in the character of the union. Instead of encountering episodes that draw you both, you will encounter incidents that drive you forward.

Acting as mirrors, Twin Flames cancel out each other’s imperfections. This isn’t a comfortable period and one of the partners will tend to flee. This partner is the runner. At this crucial phase of your life, you will spiritually exist in each others’ lives without the physical presence.

The runner among the Twin Flame will receive a lot of signs. These will awaken them to the flaws and the incentive in fixing them. This phase works like subliminal advertising that the Universe is using to get you to be happy.

This is the time to immerse yourself in the experience of Twin Flame serendipity and make your relationship a success.

Go find your Twin Flame and shower them with all your love!

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