The emperor bought me when I danced for him in Rome. He fancied me and I him – sexually we were very compatible, until he turned nasty and began to beat me up, get me well and beat me up again. He was a very obsessive and slightly of his rock man. He was featured in the film Gladiator.

A royal lifetime as King Richard 111 – a plantagenent king – his dynasty ended with his death at the battle of Bosworth.  He was dreadfully betrayed as I have been in my following lifetimes.

I watched his funeral on television, 500 years after his skeleton was discovered. I felt very in tune with the energy and felt his soul re connect to his skeleton that lay in his coffin.

Past lives are just that. When we leave our ‘shell’ bodies to enter a new one at birth, they are left behind and are not real anymore. We don’t carry their energy with us although some characteristics can be brought forward and fleeting memories happen to some of us.

Soul travel to Italy

Needing to heal unhappy memories of time spent in Italy in the 16th century, two difficult relationships came to mind. I remembered them quite clearly especi…

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