Two Time Realities, The Great Spirit, Star Elders

The 2 TIME REALITIES we are dancing between.

A new foundation has now been completed on Earth. Humanity has crossed a huge milestone, and now you can begin to create from a new perspective. This will take seeing with new eyes, hear with new ears, and feel with a newly, further-opened heart center. Once you are able to pull the blinders back on the old world, you will find a window to a new reality that will be deeply familiar. This is because this reality has always been here for you. It is also from where you came from. It will feel oddly familiar, comfortable and natural. But you also might feel like the child who just stole the cookie from the cookie jar. This has been an energy, a level of creation / consciousness, that we have been programmed to be ashamed of, or to fear, or even to feel that it is bad or evil. It will be up to you to break the shame, blame, fear program within each human being to reach this new plateau of reality. It will be up to you to consciously open and expand into love in each moment. Pace yourself. This is not a sprint. It will feel like a marathon, but in hind site, it will only feel like a brief moment.

By mid to late April, these new frequencies will peal open the blinders on your very soul, so you can gain assess to this new foundation to build upon. This is pure, creation energy, and it is the 20 core powers Mayan Elders call upon to open portals to pure God light. As this window is revealed to you, there will also be an overwhelming shift through your nervous/electrical/magnetic systems. Be careful to stay clear of stress and drama. Do not over-react to the dismantling of the old world. Just breathe. Step back and think from your heart before you react. This process will be assisted by magnetic and solar activity and world events that will shake up the collective consciousness in the coming months. This will also alter our Earth’s core as it is mostly iron which holds ancient memory. Your life may be challenged in many ways like your material world is short circuiting, or you having to deal with some physical health issues, both of which may have been holding you back.

If you are in a body and alive on this Earth, you will be participating in this process. Some people will struggle to hold on to the old ways, and some will let go easily; but most people will be surfing the middle of these extremes. There is no right or wrong way to enter into this new phase of our evolution. Even if it does not look like it, there is a cosmic balancing act being maintained. There will be many waves coming that will crest during this process. Some people will hold back for the next wave, and others will sail forward. There is a collective, divine balancing being held and orchestrated by higher realms and humanity simultaneously. All sentient life has the opportunity to evolve into this new timeline. All sentient life will engage and act out their part at the right time. It is not a time to judge anyone for their life choices or perspectives.

Since December 21, 2012, Earth and humanity has been in the process of Awakening the DOVE.

We have entered another huge portal on equinox (March 20th, 2019). We call these energy zipper points. Once the zipper clicks into another higher level, there is no going back. You are now deep and fully in the process of pulling the blinders off. It is time. You are ready. Awakening the DOVE is when all sentient life comes into total alignment with pure creation energies. This could be viewed as pure love, total awareness, awakened consciousness or the kundalini rising. This will manifest as seeing and creating without any fragment of self doubt or denial. This is already being played out on the world stage. This is a realignment of Earth, and all life on it, with our entire solar system. This is a monumental change within you and a total rebooting of your old DNA memory and programming. You will dance between linear and spherical time for some time simultaneously. Yes, it will feel weird and a bit out of control. (More coming soon on bending timelines.)

Do your best to stay in a state of love, self acceptance, patience and empathy and compassion for all of humanity. Do not judge anyone’s process or belief system. Each one is doing their part even if it is very different than your path.

This is the beginning of ending separation. First you must become painfully aware of your differences, and also the difference between true reality and what you wish things to be. Most of your expectations were built on past vibrations which have evolved radically. In time, you will come into full acceptance, and move into loving all your differences. The last stage, and your ultimate goal, is to assimilate and not see the differences at all.

Allow yourself to adjust to the changes, and keep asking new, deeper questions to why each moment is manifesting the way it is. Turn around and look at what is happening in your life from another direction. Most of linear time based actions, that are still necessary to keep physical equilibrium, are becoming harder and more disjointed to manifest. You might feel ungrounded or confused when you begin to work from spherical realities. You are already seeing this play out in your lives and world. You will vacillate between these two realities for some time.

There is no big event date. Do not get caught up in following a solid linear time prediction. These predictions are created from an old reality that is not functioning properly anymore. I am sure you have noticed this already. These dates might make you feel like there is hope, or that there will be an end time where it all shifts and you are saved. But you are now a savior, and hope and faith is not truth. You are moving into pure knowingness, pure creation consciousness. You will work and create from this knowingness more and more as time moves forward. If you watch a linear date, you will miss learning about the spherical reality that is emerging in front of you right now.

If you try to control this process, you will be disappointed. You are learning how to live in spherical time with your feet still planted in flat linear time. It is a challenging and confusing time. Simply stand back, and be a witness to this shift. Watch everything and every clue to the new world emerging, as you will be the record keepers for this transformation for future shifts in the distant future. Once we arrive completely on the other side, the laboriously long time it took to get here will look like a blink of an eye. You, that read this message, are the new record keepers and new way-showers. It is time to claim your future heritage and never look back. Know that each step that you take forward will also build a new path for the future.

Great Spirit, the Star Elders, through Aluna Joy


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