Undoing Your Subconscious Programming

Undoing Your Subconscious Programming

Undoing Your Subconscious Programming February 4, 2020 via Daniel Scranton danielscranton.com This Article: https://danielscranton.com/undoing-your-subconscious-programming-%E2%88%9Ethe-9d-arcturian-council/ Daniel is a Channel and a Reiki Master. He can teach you how to channel messages from the masters and the angels http://danielscranton.com/learntochannel/ He also offers Distance Sound Healing http://danielscranton.com/healing/ And guided meditation http://danielscranton.com/meditation/ Check Out Daniel’s Books!

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exercising our free will to explore your subconscious minds and what they contain that can hold you back from being who you really want to be in the world. We have noticed through our exploration that there are many common themes running within the subconscious minds of humans. You share a common theme of feeling alone and thinking that everyone is eventually going to abandon you. Now, you may not be aware of that belief, but that’s what makes it subconscious. That’s not coming to you from societal programming. That’s coming to you from past life experiences. You’ve all had the experience of being left all by yourselves with no one in human form around to help you, to support you, and to love you.

Now, when you can recognize that you are holding this subconscious belief, that’s when you can start to do something about it. First of all, you must convince yourself that you could never be alone, even if everyone else in human and animal form abandons you. So you must feel for your spirit guides. Feel for the presence of those beautiful beings who have dedicated themselves to you, because they are always around. You can always count on them.

Next, you want to recognize how powerful you are as an individual. You want to demonstrate to yourself that you can create so much through the power of your vibration. So what you need to do is give yourself something that you can believe is possible to create for yourself, and then find the vibration of it so that you can have that experience and demonstrate to yourself that even if you were left all by yourself, you would have your spirit guides and your ability to create your reality.

Next, we want you to demonstrate to yourselves that no matter how far away someone is, you can still access that person by going within. You can even feel the presence of someone who has passed on, and you can feel that person’s consciousness when you go inside your heartspace with your consciousness and recognize that you could never be separate from the individual who meant so much to you in your life.

Now, once you have convinced your mind that this subconscious belief is not something you need to continue to hold onto, you can do the work of accessing the memories of those lifetimes, or even of those experiences in this lifetime where you were abandoned, and you can process your grief by feeling it in the now moment. And in so doing, you will release it, and there will be no need for you to entertain any thought, conscious or subconscious, about being abandoned by anyone, even in their death.

This would be an excellent moment in your evolution to rid yourself of that subconscious belief and then consciously activate the one that recognizes that you have the power to create the reality that you want to experience, and if that reality includes lots of loved ones around you, then you can certainly have that.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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