Unlock The Tiger Iron Properties, Uses and Powers Now

A powerful gemstone to help you find deep connections with Earth, Tiger Iron is a unique stone found only in two places around the world. It bears the powers of the Earth element or Mother Gaia. When you hold this stone, you can feel the tiger iron properties flowing through you. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this stone, it is time to unravel its powers.

Today we will explore the metaphysical attributes and tiger iron meanings so that you can start using it without harming yourself, at home.

What Is Tiger Iron?

Unlock The Tiger Iron Properties, Uses and Powers Now

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Do you know tiger iron is sometimes called the mugglestone? It is actually a tiger eye matrix with red, metallic grey and golden hues.

Nearly unknown to most crystal users, tiger iron is one of a kind gemstone that brings courage and safety to you. It is actually a mix of Golden tiger eye, hematite and jasper. With up to 7 on MOHS hardness scale, tiger iron is seen in vibrant colors such as red, gold, silver and yellow. It has a vitreous luster.

Tiger Iron Meaning

An earth element stone, Tiger Iron means innovation and strength. Besides the earth element, tiger iron is also excellent for awakening the fire element within you. It is a stone for creativity and vitality. If you’re confusing tiger iron with blue tiger eye, be warned. Tiger Iron is a different stone from blue tiger eye or hawk’s eye stone.

What Is Tiger Iron Made of?

The variety of tiger eye is chemically made up of silicon oxide and iron oxide. In simple terms, it is a combination crystal that encompasses the powers of three crystals, Hematite, jasper and golden red tiger eye. It is has high-vibrations unlike any other crystal!

How Is Tiger Iron Formed?

Geologists believe tiger iron was formed by the alteration of crocidolite. More specifically, during a time when the earth as we see it was denser in oxygen than now. It is made in sedimentary deposits in a Banded Iron Formation (BIF).

Where Is Tiger Iron Found?

With a numerical vibration of 7, Tiger Iron is a special stone. It is found in South Africa besides parts of Western Australia and nowhere else in the world.

What Is Tiger Iron Chakra?

Mugglestone awakens the power of not one, but three major chakras, all of the in the lower half of the body.

The first chakra opened by tiger eye matrix is the Solar plexus chakra, located over your stomach. It is where the balance and health or wellbeing rests. If your solar plexus chakra is outta whack, you feel uneasy and nauseated. Use iron tiger eye stone to correct and align your solar plexus chakra.  

Sacral Chakra is also awakened by the powers of iron in tiger eye stone. It is where the kundalini energy or the life force energy rests. When your sacral chakra is open and awake, you will feel energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and devoted to your activities. It helps you discover your hidden potential.

You will also be able to open your Root chakra or the first chakra in the human body located at the end of your spine. Called the base chakra, this is where your connection with Mother Gaia happens. It will help you stay grounded, positive and optimistic. Tiger eye matrix stone helps in finding balance and stability in your life.  

Which Is Tiger Iron Zodiac?

Leo is the official zodiac sign for Tiger Iron. If you’re a Leo, you must use mugglestone in your life.  While you are charismatic, you can sometimes be domineering and insensitive. Tiger iron helps you mellow down in life, find happiness in the little things in your day.

A Leo will transform into a genuine person with an attractive personality. It is a powerful stone for leadership. If you’re described as a stubborn person, tiger eye matrix will make you an empathic person. It will develop affection, concern and care for people around you.

How To Clean Tiger Iron?

As tiger eye forms from asbestos varieties, you might want to keep away from making elixirs from this stone. However, geologically, all the asbestos goes away to be replaced by quartz and iron oxide later during evolution.

You can always clean your tiger eye with a dry cloth once a week to remove the oils, dirt or grime from being exposed. To cleanse the stone from its negativity, you need to use a powerful cleansing wand such as a clear quartz or selenite. Circle it thrice over the tiger iron, and it will be cleansed off the bad energies. Do it before and after you use the stone.  

Tiger Iron Properties: What Is Tiger Iron Good For?

Looking for uses for your Tiger Iron stone? There are many mugglestone properties no one talks about. Today we will find out the uses of tiger iron in detail so that you can experiment with your new healing crystal. Let’s find out!

·      Best Cure for Anemia and Vitamin Deficiencies with Tiger Iron

Do you know tiger iron is perfect for a variety of skeletal diseases? If you’re suffering from iron deficiencies or are diagnosed with anemia, you need the help of tiger iron. It can help in speeding the work of medicines in your body. Just keep it close to you in your room to make the magic happen. It will also boost your nutrient and vitamin absorption in the body.

·      Tiger Iron for Sexual Problems and Impotency

Suffering from sexual disorders? Don’t worry, tiger iron is a resilient stone that can help you. While it is ideal for kidneys too, tiger eye matrix is perfect for infertility in men and women. It can reset your reproductive system and enhance your libido. You will find a wonderful and passionate sex life using tiger iron stone.  

·      Confidence and Self Esteem using Tiger Iron

The stone that helps you hear your inner voice is also the same that fills you with confidence. If you’re stuck in self-piteous thoughts, you need to grab hold of a tiger eye matrix gemstone. It will boost your self-esteem and work on your lungs. You will feel like a complete leader when this stone is in your right pocket. Try it today when you go to the office.  

·      Tiger Iron for Luck and Good Fortune

Waiting for the jackpot? Take the tiger iron with you. The stone of prosperity will help you work out your destiny. It can shower you with blessings and good fortune all your life. All you need to do is chant your intention at the stone and place it in the southeast corner of your home. Leave it undisturbed until the next full moon for the manifestation to realize.

·      Protection and Positivity from Tiger Iron

Grounding is the next best power of tiger iron crystals. It can transform your negative psyche by filling positive thoughts within you. The stone is a perfect cocoon to dispel evil eye or energy attacks from people who despise you. It can fill you with positivity and help you find forgiveness from guilt. The stone is a powerful worry stone to calm you down during situations of panic too.


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