Use These Crystals to Protect Yourself from the Effects of Mercury Retrograde

Summer is here! But this summer does not mean good news for everyone. For those who have been living under a rock, Mercury is in control of our communication and technology.

So, when it goes to retrograde, it starts affecting all these sectors of our lives. Mercury retrogrades are common – going 3-4 times every year. This time, the retrograde takes place in Leo.

This means there will be a lot of chances in passion and problematic responses. Leo likes to attract attention, and with the Mercury retrograde, it will cause more drama.

Keep a check on yourself. And if you really want to stay protected, go for these crystals:

1. Amethyst

With the feminine energy of Amethyst, you can activate your creative forces. You can finally communicate your needs and start activating your passionate side. Writing and painting will become your way of dealing with the retrograde. Express yourself through your art.

Using it: Start with your creative projects. Meditate with an amethyst crystal in order to open up your third eye. Write down all your themes. Start planning.

2. Danburite

Mercury retrogrades bring a lot of stress. After all, technology and communication are important parts of our life and when these take a hit, we invite more stress. But Danburite makes it all so easy for us. It relieves our mind from this tendency to speed up in this fast-paced world and controls your worries.

Using it: It acts like the deep breathing remedy when you have a panic attack. It cancels out any misunderstanding and the vibration levels will bring peace in our mind. Let peace fall over you during this period with this crystal.

3. Smoky Quartz

Summertime is great for vacations but the retrograde just had to come during this time! Smoky quartz brings you luck and safety, generally which is associated with traveling. It can also help by grounding you- something necessary during Mercury Retrograde.

Using It: Keep it like a pendant when you are going somewhere for traveling. Use it for grounding purposes too.

4. Amazonite

Communication will get really difficult during this retrograde. How to get a cure? Well, you can bring in your stronger game in communication with the Amazonite stone. It will clear up your mental processes and help you express things better. It will also help you improvise when you are having discussions.

Using it: Meditate with this stone if you are going for a serious conversation with a lover or a boss. Keep it with you during the conversation. You will see how smoothly it goes.

Be armed with these wonderful crystals. The Mercury Retrograde can’t do you any harm, then.


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