A Message from Aphrodite

I saw a beautiful blue light off to the right in the early hours of the morning. I tuned in to see Aphrodite there – she was very beautiful. Her blue ball of light came around me. This is her message.

“There is no-one you should love more than yourself. This does not refer to the ego, rather than your sense of self-worth and ability to see yourself as a beacon of light for the world. When you love yourself, you give others permission to love and accept you, rather than criticising or judging you. When you love and accept yourself, you stand in your power and emit a certainty to the world that cannot be questioned. Most of you on the Earth, particularly those who are world healers and lightworkers, still have work to do in this area!

One cannot stand in mastery if one has not mastered the art of unconditional love. I call it an ‘art’ because it is a way of thinking and being that is not congruent with human nature. Because humans have been gifted with an ego and an emotional body that can cloud their judgment and ability to see and think about things objectively, their connection to their spiritual body and their divine blueprint can be lost very quickly and quite early in life. As people grow, many are subjected to such things as religious indoctrination, societal beliefs and expectations, abuse, neglect, abandonment, brainwashing and other behaviours that serve to disconnect and disillusion them. Additionally, many souls are still carrying unresolved trauma and/or karma from previous lifetimes which can insidiously undermine spiritual growth and development.

Love is not a state or a condition Dear Hearts; it simply is. It is how you were created – in a moment of bliss with no conditions or expectations other than the gift of life and a chance to serve humanity. For many of you, the call to your soul’s purpose is now urging you to stop and reassess where your life is headed and whether it still fills you with joy or not. If not, prepare to embrace change and to trust that your instincts and intuition are pulling or pushing you in the right direction and onto the path that will connect you to your divine blueprint and reason for reincarnating. Any time of transition can be unnerving, because it brings with it a fair amount of uncertainty and turbulence which can involve arguments, fallings out with friends and loved ones and changes in jobs, living location and financial circumstances. This can sometimes be unpleasant and uncomfortable, but no change can ever truly manifest and integrate without anything no longer serving all who are involved being eliminated or resolved.

People will come and go in your life. Some will remain on the outskirts of your memory and some will linger when they are no longer wanted. Some will remain life-long friends, even though they drift in and out at different points in your lifetime. Some people will stay only for an instant but leave an impact that lasts a lifetime. The most important thing for you to remember is that everyone who touches your life, no matter how long they stay or whether you like, dislike or love them, can teach you something about yourself and the way you interact with people, should you choose to take notice. How you react to each person and the things they say or the manner in which they treat you is an indication of how much work you still have to do on loving yourself unconditionally and how much emotional trauma you are still carrying. As confronting as it may be, the more work you do on yourself and the feelings that others trigger within you, the faster your journey to higher levels of consciousness and mastery will be. It is completely up to you!

Awareness is the key, Dear Ones, as it can facilitate reflection and intentional change in your perspectives impacting the way you choose to react and interact with people. Thinking before you act, speak or write will vastly impact the actions, reactions and interactions of those around you. Keeping it heart-centred within a sphere of love will mean the difference between a heated or civil exchange, vengeance or acceptance, disagreeing or agreeing to disagree. The choice is always up to you, no matter how difficult the situation may have become.

So, here I am with my sphere of blue light, ready to help you to love and accept yourself and begin, or continue, your journey towards soul evolvement and mastery. Call upon me to assist you in this quest. Nothing could be more important.

I AM Aphrodite.”

Note from Victoria: I thank Aphrodite for her visit and message. I recommend connecting to the unconditional love of the Creator through your crown before connecting to Aphrodite or any being of light.


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