What Does the Name Crystal Mean

Do you know Crystal is a popular name in United States and the U.S? Often adopted by actors and singers or performance artists, we are going to find what does the name crystal mean. If you are a crystal user, you can spend the next five minutes reading how did the name crystal come about and meanings of the word crystal.

Let’s update our crystal knowledge a bit (if you know what I mean ?)!

What Does the Name Crystal Mean?

If you’re planning to name your kid crystal or planning to adopt the name Crystal for your metaphysical work, this is your best opportunity to read up more about it before adopting.

The name crystal is synonymous with many things. It could be anything from the sky to space. However, what does crystal mean? The name crystal comes from the ancient greek word ‘κρύσταλλος’ or krystallos meaning ice. It is also deciphered as the name for carrier of Christ. More on it below.

Variants and Pronunciation of Crystal

The phonetic pronunciation of the name crystal is kri·stl. Check the below video if you want to see and hear how to pronounce it.


Meanings of the Word Crystal through History

Now that you know what crystal basically means, let’s go through history to find out what crystal meant at different times of the history. This is crucial to understand what the name crystal means to different people around the world.

·      Female Name

The most common use for crystal is as a name. As we said, U.S and Canada sees a lot of names starting with Crystal. There are many artists who adopt the name to showcase their metaphysical attributes.

·      Healing Crystals

Another reference of crystal is healing crystals. It is a booming world of crystals where their healing energies are appraised and appreciated. On AtPerry’s Healing Crystal Shop, we offer you a wide variety of gemstones with healing powers inside it.

·      Pokémon Character

A character in Pokemon, Crystal is a character from Johnto who plays with Lyra and Kris. She has the blue eye color. One way to recognize her is how she captures poke balls with her feet!

·      Religious

With the name of crystal meaning Carrier of Christ in England, it also has a lot of religious connotations. It could be the light of Christ or the crystals revered in the Old Testament.

·      Physical Crystal

Any solid that is crystalline is also the concentrate or essence with best purity. It could be small Crystals of Food and Medicine like Salt and sugar. Wiki explains it as a solid with extremely organized microscopic structure.

What are the people with the name Crystal like?

What Does the Name Crystal Mean?

Crystal is believed to be a metaphysical name, often given to people who are enlightened. It also shows youthfulness, joy, mystery, and simplicity. The name crystal is excellent to define a deep or serious person as well as a playful person.


What does the name crystal mean to you? Share it with our crystal community in the comments below.

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