What Does Your Most Dominant Chakra Reveal About Your Personality

by Conscious Reminder

A chakra is an energy center of the body. Chakras help people to increase their focus and determination.

There are seven chakras in the body of human beings. To align them properly, we should meditate and practice for years. For average individuals, the chakra which is most active is actually the chakra that is most dominant.

Here are the seven chakras in our bodies, and their importance:


If we feel very secure and safe when we are all alone, or also when nature surrounds us, and when the sufferings and pain around us disturb us quite a lot, then we can say that our Sahasrara is our most active and dominant chakra.

In fact, this particular chakra determines our spirituality and also keeps us focused. It does not let some trivial things to bother us, and it keeps us determined to accomplish some significant things in our lives.


When we are always alert, or we always think right before we act, then we can say that the so-called Vishuddha chakra is the most dominant one in our body.

We will find ourselves thinking quite a lot. We will begin thinking from the perspective of third persons. We will have the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of someone else and feel everything the person goes through. We understand people, and show them some empathy, without judging them quickly too.


When we speak our heart out, or never shy away from a conversation regardless of what happens, we can say that the so-called Ajna chakra is the most dominant one in our body.

Words are quite more dangerous and damaging than bullets. When we say something, we can’t take that back. We always speak the truth, regardless of how hard it is. We never fear of putting forward our views. We are aware of how much words are valuable, and we can keep the secrets of other people well hidden.

Love or healing

When we can’t see other people in pain and suffering, and our heart shouts out for the people that suffer and aren’t able to help themselves, we can say that our Anahata is the most dominant and active chakra in our body.

It is a power which is located right where our heart is, helping us in grooming our personality. Love is the principal source of the chakra. We love others unconditionally.


When we feel like we are lost in our own thoughts all the time, or our mind constantly works, then our Manipura is our most dominant and powerful chakra.

Our mind is quite different from the minds of others. In fact, it’s more complicated and is definitely one of our greatest strengths. Our mind is the principal source of energies for our body. The suggestions and ideas which we give are well analyzed and help others a lot too.

Sexuality or creativity

If we ever thought about leaving a specific mark behind in the world, or when we always make things more appealing or creative, then we can say that our Swadhisthana is our dominant chakra.

The power actually lies below our naval, and usually, it is said to be our sensuality’s center. We can’t work if we don’t bend the rules. To make our plans more creative, we need to deviate a little. We see this world and everything in it from the perspective of artists.


When we easily trust others, even the ones that broke our heart before, or we are quite gullible, then the so-called Mooladhara chakra is our most dominant one. However, having this chakra as the most dominant one is bad.

We will continuously be taken for granted, while people are going to continue using us in order to benefit themselves.

In fact, trusting others isn’t bad, but this trust has to be two-sided. We are trustworthy and loyal, but we have to stop trusting those that have broken our trust.

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