What is a Clairvoyant?

Well, let’s answer the million dollar question and define clairvoyant! The answer is quite simple. Ready?

A clairvoyant is someone who receives visually intuitive information.

I told you it was simple!

You see, there are four ways to receive intuitive information. Clairvoyants are people who receive this information visually. Some people call this visions of the third eye, or Second Sight.

You can also receive intuitive information by:

  • the auditory canal-clairaudience
  • feeling – feeling-clairsentience
  • gut feelings – knowing-claircognizance

Frequently Asked Questions

Do clairvoyants really have visions of the third eye?

Not always. It’s not that dramatic. Sometimes people will have a vision that is similar to seeing a movie inside their mind. And other times, you can see an image in your mind’s eye.

Furthermore, it is important to know that images are not always literal. They are often symbolic.

Here’s an example:

Let’s pretend someone’s coming to me for a reading – Let’s call her Jane. She plans to get married next month. During the reading, I may not see Jane walking down the Hall … but I may see an image of a wedding ring, a dress or something else that symbolizes the wedding for me.

Another clairvoyant might see something different, something that symbolizes the wedding to them. You can even see Jane walking down the Hall.

Does psychic and clairvoyant mean the same thing?

Does psychic and clairvoyant mean the same thing?

No. People use the terms interchangeably, but they’re not the same. This is one of the myths about psychics.

In fact, some psychics are not clairvoyant at all. Instead, they receive intuitive information through their other psychic gifts… remember, there are four ways to receive psychic information, and clairvoyance is just one of them.

What’s the third eye?

The third eye is a chakra (energy center) that is located on the forehead, between the eyebrows. When people have visions of the third eye, they see them in this area (also known as the eye of the mind).

It’s called that because you’re seeing these visions in your mind.

Can I open my third eye?

Indeed! The best way to increase your second view is by practicing visualization and meditation. An easy meditation to open the third eye is all you need to begin with. Try it and have fun … you don’t have to be a professional psychic.

Here are some messages that will help you open your own psychic abilities. As an added benefit, these are super fun!

  • Easy psychic development exercises: These are so simple that you can start doing them right now
  • Develop your psychic audience – some super easy ways to develop your clairaudience
  • Clairvoyance meditation – this is a relaxing meditation that will increase your clairvoyance

How is to have a vision?

It’s very subtle. And sometimes, it even feels real.

In fact, some describe it as seeing moving images inside your head (in your eye minds). It’s like watching your own personal TV!

Other clairvoyants can see an image / image in their mind. For me, I see things both ways depending on what I’m doing, or what kind of reading I’m giving. Sometimes I see moving images, which is really fun. Other times, I can see images that can be literal or symbolic.

Do the visions of the third eye tell the future?

Not necessarily. Many times, especially during the readings, psychics will see what is happening now, in the present. You can also see things from the past that are affecting the present.

However, future visions are not out of the question. A woman I know has a psychic flash moments before a minor car accident. Fortunately, everyone was fine.

Is it like what I see in the movies?

Have you ever seen a movie where a psychic:

  • are you seeing intense images of a future event?
  • locate a missing person, following a vision?

I’ve seen these stories too, and I always think, “I wish it was that easy!”

It is not. Things are always so clear in those fictitious images. Remember, in real life, there can be a lot of symbolism, and it’s much more subtle.

What is a Clairvoyant… for Real?

Here is a “cheat sheet” quick for you:


  • Visions are literal and clear
  • More well known of all intuitive abilities
  • Visions are about predicting the future
  • Clairvoyant and psychic mean the same thing


  • Visions are often symbolic
  • Less understood of all intuitive abilities
  • Visions can be from the past or the present
  • Someone who is psychic may or may not be clairvoyant

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