What Is Heart Radiance (& How To Exude It)

Heart Radiance & How To Exude It


Is Heart Radiance (& How To Exude It)

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What Is Heart Radiance?

Hear radiance is one of the most beautiful results of spiritual awakening, and the gift of being able to exude it is a necessary milestone in the ascension process and realigning with our higher selves.

Heart radiance is the energetic field of love, kindness and compassion that emanates from the heart chakra.

The heart will effortlessly channel a loving energetic frequency which has the ability to comfort, heal & uplift those around us, directly from Source to everything and everyone around it. It is our soul’s divine right to posses this spiritual gift which revitalizes a weary spirit, energizing us, and leading us to our divine destiny. You don’t need to personally foster this energy – it’s the natural state of the healthy, whole and complete heart chakra (that is, provided we don’t inhibit it – which we’ll cover in a moment).


Heart Radiance Will:

  • Make you feel comforted & content within yourself
  • Give you a kind, patient and understanding energy with others
  • Enhance the gratitude that you feel for all of the blessings in your life
  • Help you to be more compassionate & loving
  • Divinely guide your decisions to lead you to what is best for you
  • Expand the auric field of your heart to effortlessly exude loving kindness to everything and everyone around you


Heart Radiance Is Often Blocked

Unfortunately, the learning experience here on the Earth plane hurts, and that pain causes us to construct protective walls and barriers around our hearts that do shield us from being hurt again, but also block us from accepting love in our relationships with our partner, family and friends. Furthermore, it dims the light of the heart, and stops us from being able to experience or share heart radiance, which, since this is our primary objective here as light workers, can cause an inexplicable sense of failure and depression.


Heart Radiance Gets Blocked By

  • The pain of past hurts
  • Being betrayed by those we love and trust
  • The grief of losing a loved one
  • Vows to never let it happen again
  • An exhausted heart chakra


How To Unblock Your Heart & Access Heart Radiance

There are a few important aspects to fully unblocking the heart chakra and allowing the heart to radiate unconditional love freely again.


Firstly, you need healing to release the pain, repair the heart and dissolve the walls for your current and past lives. (Don’t worry, we have some resources below that can help with this).

Unresolved past life pain is one of the biggest threats to your ascension pathway. You cannot ascend without healing the wounds sustained by your soul throughout your previous incarnations (and FYI – you’ve lived a LOT of past lives). This MUST be addressed if you want to fully awaken or make any form of positive energetic impact.


Secondly, you need to balance the two halves of the heart in order to achieve the wholeness required to emanate radiance (we have an upcoming article explaining all of this in more detail soon).

Without proper balancing of the two polarities of energies that exist within you (both masculine and feminine energies) you will remain out of your power, you’ll unconsciously act out unhelpful and negative personality traits, your spiritual gifts and abilities will be inconsistent, and you’ll be unable to reach enlightenment.


Soul Level Healing Is Required

Due to the fact that these wounds are held energetically, restricting the flow of the frequency of unconditional love, we need to heal it on the soul level, with a modality that can actually reach and affect it. Talk therapy and counselling aren’t enough. They can certainly help you deal with any current life issues, but that doesn’t account for the past life pain where so many of these issues may have originated, without which, we are unable to move forward in our ascension. Instead, we need soul level healing with energy so that we can directly access not only the heart chakra, but also the past lives that require resolution, and you will likely need to repeat the healing in order to work through the layers of accumulated emotional baggage that is weighing on the soul.


How Can I Heal My Heart & Experience Heart Radiance?

You can either choose to visit an energy healer experienced in this field, or alternatively, use some of the resources listed below that we have specifically created in order to heal these wounds.


Want Some Help With That?

The Heart Radiance Meditation: Expand your heart’s field of radiance, break through barriers & open your heart to real love


‘The Heart Radiance Meditation’ Will Help You To:

Heart Radiance Energy Healing Meditation

> Release the blocks that are stopping you from accepting (or giving) REAL love

> Resolve betrayals (from this life or past lives) that caused you to close your heart space

> Heal painful emotions from past relationships like grief & loss

> Cancel old vows to never love again (with protection in place)

> Be guided in life by your heart’s wisdom

> Expand your heart’s energy field to radiate love, kindness & compassion wherever you go


What Is It?

  • Think of it like a cross between an intuitive energy healing session and a relaxing guided meditation.
  • An energy healing session channeled directly from a collection of high vibrational guides, who are dedicated to assisting us through our awakening process.
  • A pre-recorded video full of healing, clearing and energetic adjustments.
  • A calm and relaxing meditation that is completed (regardless of distance or time) in around 20 minutes.

REMEMBER! ‘The Heart Radiance Meditation’ is only available until Friday!



We also have another brand new, exciting resource…

Our BRAND NEW, ADVANCED LEVEL energy healing meditation, recorded live from a candlelit room within Castle Sween itself, can help.



The Castle Sween Past Life Meditation Will Help You To:

Castle Sween Past Life Energy Healing Meditation> Connect to the powerful & potent historic energies of ancient Castle Sween in the stunning Scottish Highlands (from the comfort of your own home)

> Receive advanced level energy healing channeled directly from this ancient power point to help clear suffering from your past lives (conflict, war, trauma & harsh environments)

> Heal root chakra survival issues that still cause fear in your present life

> Heal & balance your masculine & feminine energies

> Uplift your soul’s vibration from 3D conflict to 5D lightness

> PLUS send this healing and new 5D vibration to ALL of your ancestors through time


What Is It?

The Castle Sween Past Life Meditation: Heal past life suffering, balance your masculine & feminine energies & raise your soul’s vibration


> An ADVANCED LEVEL energy healing session channeled directly from a candlelit room inside the mysterious Castle Sween, in the beautiful Scottish Highlands

> Think of it as a cross between extremely high vibrational energy healing and a guided meditation.

> A pre-recorded video full of advanced level healing, clearing and energetic adjustments.

> A calm and relaxing meditation that is completed (regardless of distance or time) in under 30 minutes.


REMEMBER: This brand new, advanced level energy healing is only available until Friday 6th March! Special Early Bird Pricing Ends midnight on Sunday.


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