What IS The Pineal Gland (and WHY is it the KEY to your ascension?)

What IS The Pineal Gland?

Okay, so lets get technical before we get spiritual (ugh, I hate that bit too, but it will help to explain a few things.) I’ll make it as quick and simple as possible. Here we go…

The pineal gland is a pea-sized endocrine gland in the center of the brain.
Its shaped like a pine cone which is why you’ll see images of pine cones dotted throughout history and even today ‘hidden in plain sight’ in spirituality and religion.

What Does It Do?

Well, physically, there’s not a lot of understanding around exactly what the Pineal gland does in the body. Nobody REALLY knows exactly what its function is (most likely because in this day and age, we’ve fallen out of the practice of actually USING it in order to connect spiritually) but it mainly governs the regulation of hormones in the body.

One of the many hormones that it produces is melatonin. Melatonin regulates sleep/wake cycles and your circadian rhythms, which may explain why our sleep is so disturbed and disrupted as we go through awakening. Its also influenced by LIGHT which could be considered a physical representation of how we spiritually awaken and literally become ‘enLIGHTened’.

Interestingly, a decline in melatonin can speed up the aging process, which supports the belief that activating the pineal gland and ascension will ultimately make us look younger and feel healthier too.

Now we can get into the more spiritual side of things. Its commonly called ‘the seat of the soul’ because it houses your third eye which is your greatest psychic receptor. Spiritually, there is a LOT that this seemingly little gland can do when its activated. Think of it like a door way to higher dimensions, consciousness, other realms and even enlightenment.

Why Is It Considered To Be So Spiritual?

Well, its activation seems to go hand in hand with awakening and other spiritual experiences and studies have shown that it produces DMT – famously dubbed ‘the spirit molecule’. It is believed to be released at the time of death and is responsible for near death, out of body and other enlightening mystical experiences.

Psychedelic drugs can affect the pineal gland and trigger this release of DMT too, which is likely why substances like ayahuasca have been known to create such spiritual experiences and instantly open us to higher consciousness, an opening of the psychic senses and heightened intuition.

A Word Of Caution

While it sounds pretty cool, I must advise that if you are going through awakening, please do not experiment with mind altering or psychedelic drugs. In our weakened energetic state of awakening we are very prone to spiritual emergence – this is when your awakening hits a crisis level, and purposely triggering these experiences during this delicate time could cause a nervous breakdown, psychosis, mental health challenges and serious physical complications. There are other, much more gentle ways to activate the pineal gland, which we’ll get to in a moment.

The Pineal Gland Can:

  • Catalyze spiritual awakening and enlightenment
  • Fully activate our intuition and psychic senses
  • Help us access higher wisdom
  • Facilitate astral travel
  • Help us see past illusion to know truth and gain higher perspective
  • Enhance spiritual connection

But Wait… There’s A Problem

Calcification. Its kind of a buzz word these days, and if you’ve heard of the pineal gland, you’ve likely heard about it, but what does it mean?

Simply put, our pineal glands have developed a hard crust around them (generally caused by consumption of fluoride and other toxins over time) which inhibit our psychic abilites – keeping us asleep.

That hard crust, also known as ‘brain sand’ blocks psychic information from coming in, and also limits our ability to connect spiritually too, so in a sense, that calcification essentially keeps us ‘asleep’. It stops us from being able to freely connect, access higher wisdom and to sense the Divine unconditional love that surrounds us all the time.

We Are Waking Up From A Very Long Sleep…

This used to be a normal part of human life. You’ve heard of fallen ancient civilizations like Atlantis where we were fully utilizing our psychic gifts and intuitive powers. We’ve forgotten how to do that. Its gone unused for so long that we’re wakening up to a potential and ability that getting up to speed with is a considerable challenge. Its affecting all of us.

Imagine how DIFFERENT your life would be if you had access to those abilities all of the time. We’d be having a VERY different and much more connected earthly experience.

How Can I Activate & Decalcify It?

Well, the truth is that the moment you began your awakening it ALREADY became activated, and began the decalcification process without you needing to do anything at all. In fact, it was this pineal activation that created all those wacky symptoms that you’re experiencing in the first place. The process has already started.

However, the process can be SLOW…

It can take YEARS of meditative practice, detoxing and lifestyle changes in order to FULLY activate your pineal gland. That’s what we’re all really aiming for; an unbroken connection to our higher selves and to Source to help guide us while we are present in the physical realm.

The good news is that there are TWO ways to decalcify your pineal gland…

The first is PHYSICAL (Long term approach)

You can PHSYICALLY decalcify your pineal gland with:

  • Long term spiritual practices like meditation
  • Detoxing your diet and drinking pure water (mainly plant based and removing chemicals, additives and preservatives)
  • Removing toxins from your environment such as fluoride, chlorine and pesticides

Its certainly doable, but it requires a lot of focused effort over a LONG period of time.

The second is ENERGETIC (Easier, more gentle and more immediate)

You can ENERGETICALLY decalcify your pineal gland with:

  • Energetic activation

Energetic activation is the process of activating and decalcifying using ENERGY instead of physical means. We make the changes on the energetic level which cuts out the length of time it takes for the physical approach to take affect. It also means we can teach the energy and physical body how to adjust to the changes, so its a much more gentle method.

My preferred approach is to connect to my guides (they are your guides too) and allow them to make these energetic shifts for us. They are a collective group of higher beings dedicated to assisting us on our awakening pathway, and helping us to get to our life purpose or soul mission more quickly, easily and with their full love and support. They want us to succeed! (I’ve created an energy healing session that will do this for you, but more on that in a minute).

Which Way Is Best For Me?

The truth is that you can choose to decalcify and fully activate your pineal gland in whichever method is right for you, however its important to know that neither is a ‘quick fix’. The physical route takes a lot longer and requires more conscious effort, but the energetic route takes a little time and practice too.

Benefits Of Energetic Pineal Activation

The benefits of energetically activating and decalcifying your pineal gland are:

  • Speeds up the process
  • Reduces intensity and duration of ascension symptoms
  • Eases the transition
  • Supports your body and energies as they adjust to the changes

Even when you activate it energetically, it wont magically ‘switch on’ to a level that your mind and body is simply not ready for, and be glad that it wont because the adjustment could cause your mind to momentarily malfunction as it struggles to keep up, but it will be faster and much more gentle than the physical approach.

But Don’t I Need To Physically Detox?

No. As your pineal gland continues to decalcify and become more awakened, you will NATURALLY align with more spiritual practice, a cleaner diet and a healthier lifestyle over time – the only difference is that you wont be struggling to maintain it. It will be more of a natural, flowing progression with an urge to align with these more positive ways of living, simply because it feels GOOD.

This is exactly how I activated and decalcified my own – I’ll be sharing my own journey in our next article.

These two methods go hand in hand. If you decalcify physically, over time you will energetically activate the pineal gland. If you decalcify energetically, you will eventually physically shift to align with the needs of the pineal gland.

Are You Ready To Start Your Activation?


  • Activating and decalcifying your pineal gland
  • Becoming more awakened
  • Fully activating your psychic senses
  • Experiencing heightened intuition
  • Accessing higher wisdom
  • Connecting to the Unconditional Love of Source

The Pineal Activation Does It All For You

What Is It?

> An energy healing session channeled directly from a collection of high vibrational guides, who are dedicated to assisting us through our awakening process.

> A pre-recorded video full of healing, activations and energetic adjustments.

> A calm and relaxing meditation that is completed (regardless of distance or time) in under 20 minutes.


Check out ‘The Pineal Activation’ here and see if its a fit for you.

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