What I’ve Learned From PAST Entity Experiences

I have felt a strong intuitive push to lay out a lot of what I’ve experienced and learned via my entity experiences. I no longer believe what I used to and have moved beyond the belief system and attraction to those experiences. A lot of what I share here may seem bat shit crazy to a lot of people and I would have a hard time disagreeing haha.

In 2016 when I got back into my spirituality (my spirituality was always there from the time of my first awakening process in 2003-2004)  I started working with an energy healer via phone sessions every other week. Through this healer I learned that my father was one of the higher level dark beings fully embracing his Reptilian aspects. He was constantly hooking into me and draining me via cords and other methods. Once we removed those connections I started to feel better than I remember feeling in a long time. A lot of the negative thoughts and emotions I was going through were lessened to a point that was VERY noticeable. In Dec of 2016 when I had my powerful awakening experience, I was noticing attacks from him even more. That month I cut him completely out of my life and have not had any contact with him since. And through the course of the next year or two had many healing sessions and experiences where I was removing implants, devices, and all sorts of crap from the past that he and his dark group placed in me from the time I was 3 to 4 years old.

Now looking back on this now I can’t say if any of that is true. But at the time of working through my journey it was true for me then. I know that I was clearing/healing but that’s just how it played out for me.

This opened the doors to going down a path that made things much more difficult to shift from being a powerless victim to a powerful creator. I frequently worked with this healer and it was like everything was always entity related. I was constantly having attachments, being implanted, and experiencing attacks. I would constantly be learning new energy healing techniques and protection techniques. I would create my own too.

I had come across information through some readings I received online pretty early on too. The info about how the more we put up protection, the more we actually attract these things to us. The more you think you need it, the more experiences you create. It was a great piece of information that looked like it had been passed around the psychic community for many decades as others have gone through these experiences and moved past them.

I played with that belief system over the past couple of years too. I would notice when I was not thinking about those entities or giving them any attention I could go several months without experiencing any attacks. But something would then always contradict my belief system. I feel a lot of this had to do with working with both the healer and my family member who were constantly looking for entity attachments and thinking that was pretty much the problem to all their experiences, removing those attachments and doing consistent daily clearings. I ,of course, allowed myself to be sucked into that belief system and choose that path for myself.

This just ended up leading into a really bad habit. Every day I would be specifically looking for things to clear off me. I would be using the word clear or clearing. But what was this doing? I was CONSTANTLY looking for (creating/attracting with my intention, thoughts, actions) attachments and attacks. So even if they were not there before, I was creating them in the moment. Every time I would do a session with a healer or receive a healing from someone else I would ask to be looked over for attacks/attachments first thing. Looking back at things now it’s easy to see what I was doing, but I could not see it then.

At this point I want to share some of my entity experiences. I’m just going to allow them to flow out and not put them in any order, but a lot of these happened between 2016 and the first half of 2018. I will try to give my perceptions of each of these as I view them now too.

Emailing Old Friend Crazy Entity Shit 

At the very end of 2017, it was about the last day of the year I emailed an old friend of mine that I knew very briefly when I was about 19-20 years old (I’ll be 32 in a couple months). I found out from the healer I was working with, that my father and his group of Reptilians were going back through my memories and attacking people I used to know or cared for. I remember he had specifically met her once or twice in the past too. As guided by the healer, I was able to find her on Instagram and sent her this crazy email talking about entities and my father and all this shit. I, of course didn’t hear back from her, but I have reflected on that experience quite a lot. As souls her and I are very close and have had many existences together. I would very much still to this day like her to be a part of my life as those bonds with friends from other lifetimes can be very magical. But that has also served as a great lesson for me that I won’t forget. Knowing now that I am a powerful creator being and create everything that happens I can see how I created that situation. Through my own fear and working through a victim entity belief system I lost out on an opportunity to truly connect with someone I wanted to. Had I just sent an email saying hey let’s catch up sometime, she probably would have gotten back to me. I still believe things will be rectified with her at some point and we will be friends again.


I had several experiences with wraiths. Ones that looked much nastier than the ones in the Harry Potter movies. I would throw them back into portals where they were meant to be. Some of them had this ability to like stick/jab you with some poison stuff that disoriented the person. I experienced that once and felt very dizzy/woozy and was having a very difficult time doing any energy work. I honestly do not know what to make of those experiences, but I lean more towards I am such a powerful creator and have such a vivid imagination that I created or at the very least attracted those experiences.


I remember at one point I was seeing a vampire somewhere on the planet that I took as one that would be known as Dracula. He was very weakened due to energy of the planet shifting and each day was fragmenting himself to go drain energy off of people in order to survive. So each day I would check on that and then remove all those fragmented pieces, so he would further be drained and wasn’t able to keep doing what he was doing. I really don’t understand this one either haha. I eventually just stopped doing it for one reason or another.

Hell & Demons 

I have had a few experiences directly confronting the devil. I don’t know if ANY of these were real, I actually think these were created or co created by myself. But through these confrontations I learned a lot. And the things I learned the most was confronting fear. If you can stand up in your power not afraid of the devil when you are seeing him right before you, then you can pretty much let go of a lot of other fears too.

At one point I was going through some phase where I was constantly being confronted by a couple of the priests/knights of hell, the demons that are the ones right below the devil. At one point I got pissed off because I kept having these experiences and they wouldn’t leave me alone. So I energetically traveled into the hell dimension and started casting down lightning bolts all over the place with the attitude of “fuck you” for messing with me. Which of course just created a lot of flash back and my negative energy actions came back and slapped me in the face. Which happened quite a few times… was stubborn with that lesson for sure.

The other time I traveled into hell was when I saw my father having a direct cord/power supply that lead to the hell dimension. So I cloaked myself and went into the hell dimension and traveled down to the bottom of it and cut that power off from the Source. When I was leaving and still cloaked I was slashed in the arm by a hellhound somehow. When I got back into my body my right arm was burning in the shape of claw marks. Energetically did some healing on it and it went away. This experience is interesting to me still to do this day. Because of how real the burning on my arm felt. I can see now that the likely scenario of what happened was I literally created that to happen and gave myself the burning sensation. I’ve come to realize just how powerful of creators we are and creating something like that is quite easy to do.

The first ceremony of Ayahuasca I ever did in 2018 I also had to confront the devil in that ceremony. But at that point I was not afraid at all, and was more like go away I’m not playing with you anymore. The other interesting thing that came up for me in regards to the devil was a past life of mine. I was Guiseppe Tartini in a past life, a violin player. In that life I had a dream where the devil visited me and played an amazing piece of music. When I woke up I did my best to recreate it and it became a pretty famous song called “Devil’s Trill Sonata” and if you look that song up on YouTube… it’s a pretty incredible piece of music. When looking into that I still to this day get that it really was a visitation by the devil and wasn’t a spirit guide or a dream interpretation. One of those strange things!! And not sure why I shared that here haha.

My beliefs with hell and the devil were that both did not exist until controlling powers started implanting fear based devil and hell stuff in the bible and churches. When enough of the collective consciousness started to believe in hell and the devil were created, then both of those things literally came into existence. So we as humans created those, though we were manipulated into doing so. And the devil is simply a fragment of Lucifer and playing a role. These negative polarity roles these beings agree to play and that we have played many times ourselves serve as great gifts for learning. I found it interesting that through the last couple of years of awakening I had one dream I still remember so clearly. I was on a beach and all of these people were laying on the beach, lost and confused. Like they were just dropped on the beach without any notice. I was on the beach and in the sand saw a huge outline of an Archangel. I knew it to be Archangel Lucifer and he was helping all the people on the beach ascend. It was like he was carrying each person to heaven or something. I recognized this dream as a parallel universe where Lucifer there was actually like Archangel Michael is here. That dream helped teach me a lot about roles we play and how no being is really “evil” or “good” but it’s just more that we are playing a game of chess. Sometimes we play as the white pieces and sometimes we play as the black pieces and in all scenarios we had parts to play in the creation of the game itself.

So in the end I can’t say if any of those experiences really are true, but when you are in the moment in those fear based manifestations they seem just as real as any other experience.

Annunaki Experience – Blowing Myself Up 

I had several experiences with Annunaki attacks. One of these experiences I was being attacked/messed with by the Annunaki and it was another time I got pissed off and retaliated. So I went to Nibiru and then summoned an immense amount of energy and blew up the communications tower there. When I did that my entire body felt like a nuclear reactor, there was that much energy flowing through my body. It was extremely uncomfortable and probably the most powerful energy I’ve felt through my body.

Now only recently I discovered that I did not in fact blow up an Annunaki communications tower. That whole experience with the Annunaki was one of my Annanaki aspects coming up for healing and integration. And instead of healing and integrating that aspect, I decided to blow it up instead. So what I understand that happened at this point was I was actually using my Pleiadian person ship without knowing it when I was traveling around in spirit form. So I blew up that Annunaki aspect, the ship I was in, and myself at the same time and at the same time teleported myself back into my body. I only recently discovered this as my interest to reconnect to my Pleiadian aspect and the ships has come back up. And this info came from a friend who is up there doing what I’d like to be doing. So I’ve been in the process of rebuilding/healing that Annunaki aspect so I can heal/integrate it properly. The ship I was in is in the process of being repaired/rebuilt by my higher self too. So in a couple weeks I can play around with that… in a much more evolved way. But I knew this information to be true, that I blew myself up and it makes perfect sense to me. It also opened up the doors and questions to… oh so most of my other experiences like this were likely either my own aspects I was tangling with or fears that I was manifesting into existence through my power as a creator.

Experience With Healer & Draconians 

I shared this experience through one of my posts a while back. I had an experience that I needed help clearing parasites off me. I ended up paying a healer that a good friend of mine at the time recommended me to. It was a pretty hefty amount too like $175 or more and it was just done through chatting online. The healer told me that there were cloaked Draconians in my field that only she had the skill to be able to see. She said that they used me as a trojan horse and I could have infected every person I helped along the way up until that point. The following days after that healing was one of the worst I’ve felt. When looking into it and having others look into it everyone came to the same conclusion, that the healer that helped me had a very dark presence around here and a couple said she was currently possessed. What she claimed to have removed with the Draconians was actually placed within me and created a huge mess.

Now I still don’t know what to make of that situation other than I attracted it and created or at the very least co-created it. My victim mentality of constant entity attacks is what lead me to pay that amount out of fear and have that experience. The result was that I became very pissed at the friend who recommended me to her, because this healer was her teacher at the time and couldn’t believe she was not seeing this person’s energy. So that resulted in completely cutting ties to that good friend. That could have been a shadow aspect or even a Draconian aspect of myself coming up for healing that ended up manifesting that way. It could have been the person really was possessed, but I can’t say. Looking back now I can only say that my own fears likely created that entire situation and the result was that I disconnected from a good friend that was only intending to help me at the time.

Experience With Physical Reptile Visitations 

I don’t mean physical ET Reptilians but Reptilians such as snakes and lizards coming into my reality.

At one point through my Reptilian fear phases and going through those attacks a physical snake appeared out in the grass on the ranch. I had never seen any around before. I was fine with letting it be, but then I saw it go up into my car. Like underneath the front part of my car saw it crawling up in my car. When that happened I took it as meaning the Reptilians were attacking me. Ended up killing the snake when it crawled out of my car.

This EXACT same situation repeated itself maybe 6-8 months later. The exact same type of snake, about the same size, was on the lawn again. It was going near my car. Ended up killing that one too, out of fear the Reptilians were messing with me trying to implant me with fear.

Not long after that I was in a victim mentality when I took my car into the shop because something was going on with the vents of my car. They found out that my vents were infested with mice and it cost me around $550 to get them to clean it out and remove the mice. So I went into this victim mode of “why is this happening, I’m doing everything right, I’m trying to stay positive, help people and so on” I didn’t feel I was actively manifesting that experience.

This is a perfect example of a delusional fear experience. Now what was truly happening? Looking back on those incidents I can clearly tell that the Universe (my higher self, guides, whatever) was trying to help me. I was sent a snake so that the snake could go up into my vents and eat the mice. After it had eaten the mice or scared them off, it would have likely moved on and I never would have had to pay the $550. The Universe was actively trying to help me to save money, but through my fear state of Reptilians and all the attack experiences I had, I changed the course of that and actually created a victim experience for myself and even was a perpetrator too (killing the snakes).

I have had such a fear of snakes along the way that I didn’t realize how powerful the snake can be as a positive sign. Snakes can represent a lot of great messages such as shedding and transformation. Connection to the higher planes.

Reptilians Underground 

At some point I saw a lot of these Reptilian tunnels underground and these sort of bases. I started energetically clearing them out. I did this for many days in a row.

At some point along our journeys when we shift from feeling powerless we want to feel powerful. So our ego nudges us into this hero archetype. This I’ve noticed with the whole 144,000 mentality which I’m not supportive of anymore because it plays on the “you are a savior, one of these special 144,000 heroes/souls here to save everyone!” mentality. That whole belief system ties into the hero complex and our egos wanting to feel special.

But at the time this is what I was working through myself. I thought I was being a hero by clearing out all these negative entities. So I continued that for a week or something like that. But it wasn’t like I was doing it in a loving positive way. I was just using lightning blasts and putting the intention to transmute them all back to Source. At one point deep within the Earth I saw this giant snake that to me would be the midgard serpent in the Thor type of legends. I started battling it and kept cutting it, but it kept regenerating. So I ended up just throwing the entire thing into a void.

Now was this also another aspect of myself I was trying to attack instead of heal and integrate? Possibly so. I can’t say that any of that is true and that I even cleared any Reptilians out or there were any there to begin with. What I want to share is the flashback I received. Because of the way I was going about it, I was attacking. And then when that all came back to me it was like the entire dark forces of the Universe kept me pinned down. I was at my house and it was like just being surrounded in darkness. I had to ask my friend to help me. She ended up calling in Melchizedek and Archangel Gabriel that came in with a bunch of dragons that took some time to clear. But even then the message was… this is a direct flashback from what you were putting out there. It ended up being a valuable lesson for me that got me to start shifting and backing off from going about things that way.

Blowing Up / Disabling Ships 

I had quite a few ship experiences. I had been attacked by several ships and when I had others look into it they were also seeing the ships. I actually disabled one at one point that seemed to be deliberately causing the drought in Africa. But at one point I started to get upset at these ships attacking me and since nothing else I was doing (using protections, trying just about all I could think of) was working, I decided to start retaliating. So I went around and started blowing up Draconian ships and other ships I saw around that were negative energies. This again was probably another way of working through some aspect or karma, but nothing good came from it. All that ended up happening was I just ended up experiencing even more attacks after that… obviously creating my own reality in that way based on my actions.

Cyclops With It’s Eye on Me 

I think this was also at the end of 2017. I had somehow drawn the attention of some interdimensional being that resembled a giant cyclops. It was a being that lived between dimensional spaces. I had several people look into it and they all saw this giant eye fixated on me and it did not have good intentions. I was told that doing the global gridwork I was doing and other things ended up attracting it to me. Even though in this article I am sharing negative experiences… I did quite a lot of positive gridwork, anchoring light/love and so on throughout that time too.

I was going through an initiation from a bunch of the ascended masters at that time to re-activate my christ consciousness. Part of that initiation also included having an energetic sword made for me. It was made in the Pleiades primarily with that energy but also had the Seraphim use their energy to create it. I was told the sword was given to me so that if that interdimensional being did make a move I would be able to use the sword to defend myself. I never did have any further experiences with that being and it never attacked nor I attacked it. I don’t know what to make out of this experience either, but since then have used my sword as a healing tool and still use it.

Other Experiences 

I saw and experienced quite a lot more than what I mentioned here. I had various discarnate soul experiences, ran into these dark caster beings, necromancers, arachnid beings, greys, and others. At one point along the way I ended up stopping to contribute to global gridwork for a while. Every time I would go into the core of Gaia and ask her and my guides to send me somewhere to help I kept being sent right in the middle of a dark being encampment and various things like that. I would get sent to the bottom of the ocean where some Reptilians had opened a portal and I was to close it. But it was like I just walked right through them and closed the portal… and all that did would piss them off and they would attack me greatly. I kept being sent to places like that to close portals that were overtaken by negative forces. There was a portal open on this property I’ve been at that I had to close down because Reptilians kept overpowering the Arcturian that was guarding it and then they would just come mess with me. I also had an experience where they tore a hole in spacetime from the 4th dimension down into the 3rd above my room in the attic upstairs so they could mess with me while I was sleeping. That was a while back too.

My dark night of the soul experience happened the same month I awakened in Dec 2016. I went through a phase of being terrified to go to sleep because I kept seeing these dark beings. It was like all I could see was the dark entities and not the angels of light. A lot of that was my own shadow self surfacing too, but I know what it is like to be so scared of those things you can’t even sleep at night.

Now I had other experiences, but I feel I shared enough in detail to get the points across :).

Issues I Faced Along The Way 

One of the problems I ran into along the way when searching for a way out of these attacks/experiences was some of the wayshower ascension teachers I was following. A lot of them either weren’t sharing past experiences like I shared here today or they would just say “yes I went through that” but not really share how they moved out of it. The other ones just didn’t seem to have the same sort of out there crazy entity attack experiences that I had. So they would say “Well I just go within and connect directly to Source and I don’t have those problems.” They would say these very short concise things that at the time gave no help at all to me trying to work through it.

I feel these sorts of experiences are a lot like being a drug/alcohol addict (which I was both for many years too) and being in rehabs and getting help you need to have someone that has been through it helping you. A lot of the drug and alcohol counselors are ones that have been through it themselves.

So I feel that was a big issue for me, either people weren’t sharing the experiences and giving these little one liners on what to do or they never had the experiences to begin with. Their life incarnation plan just all the sudden one day they were connected back to Source and that was it. The people I found that were going through the same things weren’t graduating from the experiences either. They were doing a lot of the same things I was. Using protections, calling in Archangel Michael, guides, higher self, and so on. And some of them just accepted that is how life would be and they were a target and would have to keep going through this. That’s also part of the problem, when you think you are being targeted you are. Because you are creating that reality.

Why Did I Experience These Things? 

Now I truly believe these experiences served various purposes for myself. I believe some were other aspects coming up to be healed, some were old karmic things I was working out, some were my own shadows and darkness being manifested so I could transmute it and let it go. I also believe a lot of these experiences served a purpose to motivate me to get through so many of the spiritual lessons I’ve learned in such a short amount of time. I knew one thing to be true all throughout the experiences. That was that once I reached a certain vibration/frequency, all these attacks would no longer be present in my reality. So that acted as a huge motivation every time I was attacked, I would learn something and keep wanting to push through so I could not be experiencing them anymore. Each time I would try to figure out what the vulnerability was or how the attacks were getting in and then work on healing them. That lead to healing through a lot of past lives and various things that needed to be done. But also a huge lesson in these for me was working through fear. When I could stand up and confront the devil, demons, wraiths, draconians, reptilians, and so on without any fear, knowing I was more powerful than these things, it helped a lot in overall shifting through fears I had. Other smaller fears of mine were then much easier to confront and let go of.

Writing has always been a gift of mine and I’ve always seen visions of myself writing various books in the future. I haven’t felt inspired to do that at this time, but I do believe at some phase of my life I will write several books. Many will be in the fantasy genre because I love that. I’ve watched so many fantasy movies, shows, cartoons, and anime over the years which has also inspired me and helped see these beautiful magical worlds we can create. I think at some point I will be using these entity experiences as stories in my books or inspiration for characters and beings. My childhood friend has mentioned this to me, when describing some of these things to him. Saying “You gotta write these, it would make a great movie.”

Whether these things really happened or not I still can’t say. I can say that in the moments of the experiences they felt more real to me than a lot of physical reality experiences I’ve had and were certainly more memorable. I suppose whether you reading this believe it or not believe it, it’s likely you can agree the stories are entertaining.

I’ve always had a vivid imagination and even when I was working “slave 9-5” jobs that is often how I would cope. Even with my eyes open, doing my work, I would be in a fantasy world in my head and escaping to those places. I would build out these various detailed worlds in my imagination and visualizations.

We are often lead to believe our imaginations aren’t good, they are make believe and shouldn’t be paid attention to. Recently I have just started reading through the complete works of Neville Goddard who is all about the imagination and using the imagination and feeling to manifest and create. This has opened me up to the idea that my vivid imagination is one of my greatest gifts. Look at all the stuff I created negatively with it! And how real those experiences were and how they transferred over to the physical reality and were one in the same sort of thing. Now I’m excited at the thought of what I can create with my imagination when using it for positive things. Creating great things first in there that then are manifested into this reality. It’s very exciting! And I have had a one liner repeated in my head a lot lately “Playing pretend is a lot more fun than not playing at all.” Not sure entirely where that is coming from, but I believe it to my inner child reminding me that playing and creating in the imagination is fun and that’s how just about everything in existence was created to begin with. It was imagined by us in the higher dimensions and those imaginations/dreams just instantly are created into universes, worlds, and dimensions we can explore.

Recommendations For Shifting Out Of These Experiences

I believe most of this starts and ends with thoughts. I intuitively started reprogramming my thoughts in 2016 before I had my awakening experience and believe it played a big part in creating that awakening. At the time I was still smoking cigarettes, a pack or two a day. Each time I would go outside to smoke I would start really paying attention to my thoughts. And I kept finding so many negative thought patterns and cycles. I could start to see how one small thought then would start to spiral and I would spiral further and further down. It was like a domino effect. So I started paying attention to these thoughts in my head and when I would catch them stop them and start saying the opposite in a positive way. “I’m a failure” turned into “I’m a success” and I’d repeat it 20-30 times in a row to counter the negative one. Sometimes more than that, whenever I felt it was good.

Our thoughts, feelings, and belief systems create our realities. I can’t confidently say I have mastered much at this point in my life, but I can tell you I was a complete master of victim consciousness. I took that as far as I could and blamed everyone and everything but myself for all I would experience in life. So when the entity experiences did present themselves, it was sort of an easy thing for me to jump into as I was so accustomed to victim mentality already… being attacked and being a victim seemed to just match up. Maybe that’s why I experienced all those things, because it was just something so familiar to me that I leaned into it.

But it comes down to shifting from the negative thoughts, the victim mentality, and into creator consciousness. Some people seem to have magical experiences and somehow instantly come into this knowing, but for most of us this is a process. It takes consistent effort and being aware of your thoughts and then actively taking control of your mind and using it in a positive way.

In shifting this I recommend reading all the Law of Attraction books you can find or listening to the audiobooks or going on youtube to watch and listen. Law of Attraction is the concept that we are constantly attracting and manifesting all the time. The concept that we are powerful creators and attract/create every single thing that happens to us. If you aren’t actively aware of this and using this knowledge to your advantage, then your subconscious will automatically keep attracting by default and if your life has been a mess or you are going through entity attacks it will keep attracting those more by default.

I’m currently reading through Neville Goddard’s works. Others are Abraham-Hicks, Joseph Murphey, Joe Dispenza, Rhonda Byrne, Florence Scovel Shinn, and Wallace D. Wattles. There are others out there too. You can also find suggestions in the Law of Attraction Reddit and various law of attraction groups online that you can join. But reading through those books can help a lot and you will learn a lot of useful techniques to shift your thoughts and change your life. It’s something I’m still working through myself at this point and even started a fun FB group called Already Manifested where we are playing around with manifesting for fun to build more confidence in our creations.

The other one I’m currently working through is A Course In Miracles, the workbook part of it where you do a lesson a day. That can help shift too. I also learned a lot about victim and creator consciousness through the book The Ascension Papers by Zingdad. Both the Ascension Papers and A Course In Miracles are available for free. And if you can’t afford law of attraction books, there’s plenty of material on YouTube and online you can digest for free. The book Illusions by Richard Bach is always a great one to throw in the mix too.

If you are working through these and are experiencing attacks start to ask yourself other questions too. “Ok I see this implant in my solar plexus chakra, now what else is this representing?” It could be that it is representing a trapped emotion or old energy that is presenting itself that way. It could be fear manifesting itself. It could really be an implant that was there a long time and is ready to be removed. If you are seeing entities ask yourself other questions about them. Is this an aspect of myself coming up? Is this my own fear manifesting? What is the source of this fear? When you trace that source of it back to the origin point and heal/forgive whatever is there it may disappear. I feel the main thing is to realize “Ok I am creating this, so why am I creating this, what is this teaching me and showing me?” “What am I needing to heal?”

Now of course despite all this information, I think if I had the information during some of the experiences I had, I’m not sure it would have made a difference. I completely understand how overwhelming these experiences can be when you are working through them. Along the way I did ask for quite a bit of help from friends and healers when I would experience them. And having the help, did help a lot with that lifting off of me. Getting help from others can be great, but once it has been lifted/cleared off, then start asking the questions too. See if you can have the healer or friend help you narrow down what the experience was teaching you or what you are needing to heal.


In the end, as I’ve mentioned several times in this article it’s hard for me to say what was true and what wasn’t. But I think the lessons and experiences are far more important. I am intelligent and philosophical in nature and that has been more of a downside for me with spirituality. There’s so many concepts that I’ve come across that don’t have universal answers, but they are subjective to each individual and a lot of the answers I have searched for I’ve come to the realization that they would be hard to understand until I reach further levels of consciousness. When I do reach those levels I probably won’t care, as I will be too busy living and creating in the moment and not interested in reflecting on the past. A great deal of peace and tranquility has come over me when I’ve recently learned to let go of trying to find the meaning in everything. I wrote an article on meashenu.com about my death and rebirth experiences from August through October of this year and have had many realizations. Things were not going the way I wanted with my healing business, so I decided to temporarily stop offering my services and when I completely let go of the healing business, within a day or two I started to have all sorts of thoughts and ideas come. A lot of which was I was trying to do too much myself and needed to start co creating some projects with others, which since then I have done. So I have some sessions back up on my site now and looking forward to how that plays out.

And as far as my father goes, I can’t say for certain what was done or not done in the past. In 2012 I had a death experience and switched timelines in a big way. I’ve also switched so many timelines the past few years that maybe some of those experiences did in fact happen but did on lower timelines. I know in the early 90’s there was a lot of really bad stuff going on energetically so it could make since a lot of us were implanted and attacked through those years. Most of us incarnated into some really dark situations, abusive situations (whether physically, sexually, emotionally, or energetically/psychically abusive) and we incarnated into this dark genetic ancestry lines that we were meant to break. I know my father as a being is very ancient and has played the villain in a lot of my stories/existences. Which was a great gift and our roles with each other were chosen and gifted experiences along the way. That being said I certainly have no intention of reconnecting at this time. I have forgiven and worked through what I needed to there, but he is still very much considered a “dark negative polarity” energy right now. Should I receive any insights in spirit that would suggest he was wanting to come back to the light I may reconnect. If I neglected that opportunity then it would be the same as neglecting/ignoring an aspect of myself. And if I was lost in darkness I’d want someone to reach out a hand in light to me. Which very much did happen for me in this life, as I was completely lost in darkness myself, but when that hand reached out I was ready. It’s still important to set our boundaries energetically with those connections though, as for those of us that did disconnect completely… we had/have very valid reasons for doing so.

I never thought I would share some of these experiences publicly because they are so out there. They can be quite embarrassing. I’ve seen some people struggling with these experiences for DECADES and not graduating from them while others experience none of it at all. The main thing that we must recognize is that if you are still experiencing these for lengthy amounts of time… then obviously what you are doing is not working. I had to finally get to a point where enough was enough and had to detach entirely from that belief system, because I was not graduating from them. I shared these publicly because I wish I could have read an article like this when I was going along. If this popped up in your reality and you are going through these experiences yourself, then it popped up in your reality for a reason.

Love & Blessings,




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