What Sensitivity Can Teach Us About Awakening!

What Sensitivity Can Teach Us About Awakening!


I’ve been an intuitive healer for over a decade now, but healing wasn’t always my strong point. In fact, I became unwell in my late teens with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which caused me unimaginable fatigue for a number of years – at one real low point I even had to use a wheelchair.

One of the biggest issues with a health condition like CFS is that it’s largely exacerbated by stress. This was a big problem for me back then because I was very sensitive and the slightest bit of upset could turn a feeling ‘ok’ day into a seriously unwell day. In fact, I began to notice that my exhaustion and symptoms could intensify in MINUTES – it was an immediate response to any form of stress, upset or worry. Not easy.

This went on for years – get stressed – get more unwell – spend weeks or months trying to recover – reach ‘ok’ – get stressed and go through the entire cycle all over again. It just wasn’t working no matter now much rest I got.

I realised that if I wanted to change my health and fully recover, I was going to have to do something to heal the wounds that kept getting triggered. I kept being shown EXACTLY which triggers I needed to heal. My body was reacting in REAL time – practically screaming ‘heal this! Its not good for you…’

And eventually, I did. I began using energy healing every time a trigger came up and caused me stress. I stopped ignoring the signals my system was giving me and started using them to guide me on the pathway out of ill health.

Within 4 months I was back to health. I couldn’t believe it. All that time wasted, struggling and feeling unwell when all I had to do was LISTEN to what my system was saying and actively HEAL the pain. It transformed my life. I dedicated my life to energy healing entirely after that experience. It was incredible. But it was also a crash course from the Universe letting me know that what you resist, persists.

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Sharing the information and guidance in our masterclass is really important to me because I know just how difficult and overwhelming the emotions that spiritual awakening brings up can be. Its not easy to manage them, it can make life seriously challenging, and sadly, most don’t realise that the only real way to become free of that exhausting cycle is to HEAL them – don’t know how? Don’t worry, I’ll show you how in our masterclass!

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