What you know & don’t know about Fairies

Fairies are real! But wait, What do you know about fairies? Yes, sure they are small shiny beings that exist in nature but set apart from myths and folklore their existence was a mystery, until now.

Seeing beyond the veil

As the veil of illusion is thinning on earth, as we elevate in higher dimensions, fairies are no longer invisible. Fairies exist somewhere between the 3rd dimension and the 6th. As we lived in the 3rth dimension until recently, they were hidden in higher dimensions on earth. We weren’t able to see them even they were right next to us, but they were present only in another dimension. As we elevate in vibration, we finally begin to perceive, notice, and recognize what was always there in the 5th dimension and above.

We suddenly begin notice fairies, as well as artifacts, relics, and even beings that hold higher vibration that appear in front of us. To get deeper into this, as time progresses, many discoveries will appear of ancient civilizations and archeological items simply because we attune to their dimensional frequency. The truth is there were always there, however, but we couldn’t really see them. As we clear the illusion of the 3D our vision becomes clearer, we are able to become a match to these higher vibrational elements, beings, and objects.

To get a little further with this, didn’t you notice that there are so many documentations of extraterrestrial, and weird phenomena in the sky recently? We are only able to see them now because we have risen enough to match their dimensional frequency.

Fairies exist

real fairies
Captured by John Hyatt, professor, University of Manchester.


The fairies are beings that were always co-existed alongside us, but in a different dimension on earth. They are aware of us, but we were not usually aware of them until now unless you were sensitive, or empath and you could sense their energy.

As we are finally elevating our frequency, we are able to see them with our physical eyes. Tiny little forms of transparent light, moving fast from one direction to the other. Fairies don’t like to be disturbed; in fact, they get annoyed if we mess up with their harmonious living on earth. They choose blissful places in nature to rest and hang out, protecting high vibrational natural landscapes.

A Fairy’s purpose

In fact, they are so very protective that they share their frequency with the location, making it hidden to low-frequency beings. I cannot really blame them, as their path is to protect the natural habitat of the earth including the flora and fauna. They wish to keep many earth locations as high in frequency as possible. There are various reasons for this, many of these earth locations have a purpose of being used in the future and their purity is required, in other times, some locations are presenting light portals that need to be reserved or even Atlantean temples or artifacts that are invisible to our human eye (not for long).

Similar to you and me, the fairies have different paths and reasons for living on earth. There are the wood fairies, the water fairies, nature fairies and so on. Some of them oversee animals or even insects from not going extinct, or preserving a specific tree or plant that will help humanity somehow. Fairies also help the birds spread seeds all over the continents. Additionally, they are experts in healing dying plants.

Fairies and ascension

during this powerful ascension time, Fairies help earth ground light within its core and they work with other elementals to clear specific locations from density. They do, however, go through their own advancement clearing ego or old blueprints from their beings to prepare to live in the new earth.

Seeing a fairy
From Marsha Popp Carroll

Fairies have a special bond with children, as in their early years they have great purity and higher vibration. For this, children are able to see fairies with greater ease in their early years, as they often appear to them to play with them and have fun.

In the past, if you called on a fairy they rarely appeared and if they did it was only when the energy of the person was elevated enough, which meant they could trust them.

Right now, however, as many of us go through ascension, we can naturally see their light form with our physical eyes.

If you do see a fairy remember to ask for their permission to interact with it otherwise it will disappear.

Fairies don’t usually join us indoors, so if you want to ask a fairy for help go outside and sit under a tree. If they do join a house they will find a spot right next to a big window.

How the fairies assist us

The fairies can help you see the truth in a situation. They also help reveal paths to a matter that seemed blocked or unsolvable.

Call the fairies to heal an animal that is sick, but be sure to leave the animal outside in order for them to do so in peace. Moreover, you can call them to oversee your garden as they are experts in making gardens thrive. Ask them to take care of your plants for you and they would love to do so, but know that this means that you welcome them to stay in your garden for as long as they need.

Fairies and mischief

Through the years I have heard of fairies causing trouble or scaring people with their mischiefs. In this case I remind you that fairies have egos, they can choose to like you, or decide that you are in need to learn of a lesson (Did you throw garbage outside in nature maybe?). in that case, you can ask them to go away and leave you alone and they are respectful of your choices.

So if you decide to call for fairies to help you, my advice is to call on a high vibrational fairy that can most help you at any time. The higher the fairies’ frequency, the more love, and light they hold, and the less mischievous they will be.

It’s worth mentioning, that not all fairies are like that. There are 4rth, 5th, 6th or 7th-dimensional fairies, the higher the dimension the more light and love they hold. in this time of ascension however, fairies are finally learning to let go of their mischief aspects.


Did you see a fairy? Share your experiences below, and if you have any pictures be sure to include them!

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