Who Am I? Integrating the I AM Presence

As a curious child I would gaze up at the night sky, the billions of worlds would reflect back into my eyes and I would contemplate the vastness of the universe. In my adolescent years, I found myself observing the busy people rushing around me and wondered whether they too, contemplated existence. I became somewhat envious of their contentment in life, their ability to accept their place in this world, a world coated in so much mystery.

The miraculous nature of creation is not hidden from us. We see the immensity of the universe in the night sky, we see the beautiful perfection in nature and we see the masterpiece that is the human body. During my awakening, I came to realise that the miraculous mystery of existence dances around us everywhere yet society is distracted from contemplating itself. We are distracted by material things, incessant thought patterns, egoic thinking of becoming ‘someone’ based on society’s views of success and all of the little temporary happenings and dramas that go on. Our lives are filled to the brim with distractions. It wasn’t until my adult years when I saw past the illusion that my childlike wonder magnified into a path of seeking. Now I would find myself peering into the galaxies above asking the question, who am I?

For some on this planet, they will incarnate into lives where survival itself is their main concern and therefore the search for more meaning and purpose falls secondary. Others will incarnate into privileged families, however, they will walk through life with no desire to find out about the nature of existence and that is the path that they came here to walk. Others will uncover a deep-seated longing to know thyself and so the path of remembering unfolds.

Please take into account that the points I am about to share are written to aid with the expansion of your consciousness, they do not represent an absolutist truth. I encourage you to take what you resonate with and bear in mind that we all possess our unique perspectives and perceptions on this journey, there is no right or wrong and we can only create an understanding based on what feels true to us.

What is I AM consciousness?

I AM consciousness is the realisation of who ‘I’ really is, it is an inner understanding of ‘self’ as we come to realise our divinity from a much deeper level. When we are in the process of integrating I AM consciousness, we enter a new level of divine intelligence, we change the way we see the world because we change the way we see ourselves. As we settle into our newfound understanding of ‘self’ we realise that our life will never be the same again.

During spiritual awakening, we come to learn that we are infinite spiritual beings living a temporary human experience. The more we hear, feel and understand this statement, the more we begin to free ourselves from old stories we have been told and the more we awaken to our true nature. We learn that we go through a veil of forgetfulness when we come into this physical reality, during which point the ego begins to form. In our early years, we forget our connection with everything and begin to identify with our physical bodies. Eventually, we have our first memory and this is the first time we begin to identify with the ‘self’, it is the first time we perceive ourselves as separate and we further forget our true divinity.

Integrating the I AM consciousness could be considered to be a deconstruction process of the ego (sense of ‘self’) as the memory of our true divinity shines through. A new inner understanding of ‘self’ begins to form and we begin to integrate this divine being consciousness into our earthly life.

We come to remember that outside of this physical dimension, separation does not exist without the ego. Oneness is our true nature and source or ‘God’ is experiencing itself through us. Source is realising itself just as we are realising ourselves. I AM consciousness is, therefore, the realisation of the aspect of source that is innately embedded within us, and thus our individualised God spark can ignite. For this reason, when we enter and integrate I AM consciousness, we come to comprehend the power within us as we create our world based on the comfort of knowing that we are the embodiment of source. Ultimately, we come to see the transient nature of all the worlds’ distractions and happiness is found within the moment.

We soon come to realise that we can connect with our I AM presence at any time by simply coming back to the present moment, where our minds are not filled with thoughts and our consciousness is out of the illusion of form and instead, aware of itself. Gradually, the process in which the I AM consciousness steadily flows into our life occurs and transforms everything we do here in this lifetime.


2012 marked the beginning of a mass awakening, the earth (Gaia) began raising her vibrational frequency and entering the fifth dimension, the souls that reside here are mirroring this transformation.

During awakening, we gather our own unique evidence to support the indescribable realisations that we come to about the universe and ourselves. We learn about synchronicity and observe the strange happenings around us that mirror our internal realities, we then see how the universe communicates with us and guides us along our path. We gather evidence of universal intelligence and a divine order that cannot be comprehended with our human brains. We see our thoughts projected into reality through the process of manifestation and we begin to consciously create our realities. We undergo a sometimes painful rearrangement of our lives to move in the direction of our souls yearning, to follow its highest excitement and happiness. We learn about oneness, we see the results of our inner work, we experience frequent life-changing epiphanies and sudden moments of bliss that are generously sprinkled along the way.

With such an impressive injection of magic into our lives, even the most sceptical amongst us manage to accumulate enough personal evidence through a range of experiences to change their belief systems over time. Suddenly we come to integrate into our consciousness that there is a higher power at work and therefore more to this world than our five senses can perceive. At this stage, we begin to integrate this newfound consciousness and transform our conditioned belief systems into brand new belief systems based on what we personally resonate with. More and more people all over the world are experiencing spiritual awakening and this is the first step to beginning the process of integrating I AM consciousness.

Self Mastery

‘Knowing yourself is to be rooted in Being, instead of lost in the mind’ – Eckart Tolle

Eventually on our path of remembering we learn the importance of finding inner stillness and we throw ourselves into the practice of meditation and observing the mind. Over time we begin to become the ‘watching presence’ of our thoughts and emotions and we no longer permanently dwell in the illusion of thought. Through this newfound higher vantage point, we find peace and comfort in a certain level of detachment from thoughts and emotions as we realise that through the ability to observe them, we are not them.

As observation spills into everything, a sense of being greater than we once knew begins to immerge more frequently and we continue to wake up from the dream of thought. We now find freedom away from thought and choose to focus our attention on the present moment more often. Through the practice of self-mastery, we create more space in the mind and gaps begin to immerge between our thoughts. It is through these pockets of awareness that I AM consciousness arises for in these moments of presence, we are not identifying with anything and we are existing only in awareness itself. The integration of the I AM consciousness will take place in these moments of stillness since the divine aspect of us (our I AM Presence) is rooted in being, not doing. Being is of the higher dimensions and doing is of the physical world around us.

Disidentification From Ego

‘Let go of identification with your mind and who you are beyond the mind emerges by itself’– Eckhart Tolle

As we come to learn more about the person that we have been identifying with over the years, we uncover the unhealthy aspects of separation consciousness (ego). We see the darkness inside of us and we accept it, recognise it, nurture it and assist it in its merging with the light. During this time we may undergo an identity crisis of sorts as our total identification with the ego, (the person we once knew) begins to change and I AM Consciousness peaks through.

Through the sometimes confusing and painful process of losing one’s self through the reconstruction of our idea of ‘self’, we inevitably end up finding our true self as a result. Through observation of the voice of the ego in our minds, we come to realise that the ego is an entity in and of itself and does not represent our true nature. Instead, it is an aspect of ourselves that we are given in this lifetime to help us navigate through the physical realm. For this reason total disidentification from the ego is rare and not necessary, however, we can integrate into our consciousness that it is merely an aspect of us and does not represent our true self. With this realisation, the ego loses its energy over time and we channel the identification energies into creating an ideal self. Now we no longer permanently see ourselves as the ego and instead integrate a new concept of self; I AM consciousness.

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What happens?

Through the process of spiritual awakening, self-mastery and ego disidentification, we gently integrate the I AM consciousness and we begin to hear the soft whispers of our divinity. At this point in our journey, we gain a new perspective and everything is experienced differently. We tune in to a much higher aspect of our self, enabling us to ride the waves of life more smoothly. Choosing to exist in the present moment rather than succumb to the gravitational pull of our thoughts becomes a choice that we are willing to make because we truly understand the importance of stillness. We feel the benefits of spaciousness and understand that it is where we can connect to our I AM presence at any time. Upon awakening to our I AM consciousness, we begin to integrate our I AM presence.

Integration of I AM consciousness increases our connection to universal intelligence and we further unlock the power of God within us through a higher level of understanding. For this reason, the ‘I AM’ affirmation increases in power, creating our reality is now taken to a whole new level.

(Watch out for an upcoming article that will explore this topic more closely. I will be going into greater detail regarding the specific changes in the perspective of reality within I AM consciousness as we feel into our I AM presence. To explore the  immense power of the ‘I AM’ affirmation within I AM consciousness click on the following link; The Most Powerful Manifestation Tool – I AM Affirmations- Awaken the God Within You ).

Space Consciousness

In reality, I AM consciousness is not something that can be conveyed through words or intellectual understanding. Perhaps the only way to realise the emergence of I AM consciousness and the realisation of our true nature is to firstly uncover and understand what we are not (ego, thoughts, emotions, physical body etc..).

To best experience a glimpse of our true nature, we can tap into the unconditioned consciousness and awareness itself. To do this we must see past the idea of form. Consider for a moment, the space between things, the space between the stars on the macrocosmic level and the space between the atoms within our body on a microcosmic level. The world of the physical consists of space and things everywhere; I AM presence is rooted in that emptiness because it is no-thing. With space consciousness, we can begin to comprehend the idea of the formless. Such concepts themselves are not easily grasped when we have been conditioned to identify with form our whole lives. However, we may find a glimpse of the unconditioned consciousness when we meditate with the space between our thoughts and allow that which is ‘beyond our world’ to emerge within us.

The Reality

Now that we’ve indulged our minds in plenty of food for thought, we also understand that I AM consciousness is more than just ideas and beliefs floating around in the mind. Knowing thyself is rooted in being and being must be felt, it cannot be thought.

The more we integrate the I AM consciousness, the more we are able to rise above our experiences and float above them, observing from a higher vantage point. This brings a sense of detachment and floods us with feelings of relief from pain as we see that such experiences are transient and therefore ‘small’ in comparison to who we really are.

The reality is that if we truly integrated the I AM consciousness into every aspect of our being, our emotional body would not be triggered and we would not react negatively simply because we would settle into the nature of our true self – a divine spiritual being. I AM consciousness tends to integrate gradually and is grown into and felt according to divine timing. In this sense, our souls’ consciousness may be compared to that of the lotus flower, blossoming naturally and spontaneously.


The integration of I AM consciousness is an alchemical process of transmutation and the newly hatched butterfly gradually reveals the beauty inherent in it’s new ‘self’. As we spread our wings and take our first flight, we find ourselves souring through a world of more mystery and even more questions, only now we view our existence, from a totally different perspective. For this reason, the realisation of our soul is a stepping-stone to the realisation and conceptualisation of the collective soul.

The delusion of separation creates the suffering in this world and seeing the divinity in the eyes of everyone that crosses our path will unite us. I AM consciousness has the power to unite every human being and put an end to the insanity that we see in the world whilst people remain in the illusion of the ego. The evolution of consciousness brings with it a revolution and tiny moments of enlightenment allow us to uncover the connection that we have to all that is.

Final Words

The integration of the I AM consciousness is a process in which a totally new state of being, gradually flows into and transforms everything you do. As you walk through life, you begin to see yourself existing as pure light and in less dense realities, this is exactly what you are. You are divine, you are immortal, you are love and you are a powerful creator.

Sometime back, I was instructed to practice the affirmation ‘I give permission to be the I AM’. I repeated those words in my mind silently for months, I did not understand what it meant or why it was necessary yet I followed my inner calling and my consciousness underwent rapid transformation, now I am able to see this affirmation for what it is.

When you give permission to be the I AM, you give permission to unlock the power of source (God) within you. We grant the universe permission to awaken this new consciousness within us because free will is our birthright. This powerful statement will wash over you like golden waters as you send the universe permission to clear blockages of disbelief in spirituality and yourself. If the desire to practice this affirmation erupts inside your being like fireworks, practice it and allow for magnificence in this lifetime.

With Gratitude 🙂





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