Why backflow Incense is the Best Incense?

Let’s talk aromatherapy today. Stick incense is based on the method of incense making from thousands of years ago. On the other hand, backflow incense is the scientific incense burner that makes magical shapes with the smoke. We say backflow incense is the best because we have decades of experience cleaning the ash of the stick incense and many more things. Is it really the best? Find out the REAL truth!

Stick Incense Vs Backflow Incense

Let’s find
out which is a better incense,
stick or backflow incense? We will analyze the pros and cons of each incense
variety to find out which is the better one.

What is Stick Incense?

incense is made by applying a thin layer of incense paste that contains the
essence of flowers are applied on a bamboo stick.

Pros and Cons of Incense

  1. PRO: Can use

You can use
stick incense anywhere in the room even without a stick holder. Just plug into
any hole and you’re done!

CON:  Creates a lot of dust and ash

you will run out of ways to catch the ash falling from a stick incense.

  • PRO: Portable

incense can be stored in your handbag to purses or even on your travel. You can
take stick incense anywhere, even outdoors.

CON: Stays for a very short time

the stick incense will not burn a long time because of the thin layer of incense
on it. You need a block of incense to diffuse tot all the parts of your room.

  • PRO: Cheaper
    than Backflow Incense

Another advantage
of stick incense is that it costs less to buy, compared to backflow incense.

CON:  Breaks

the stick incense breaks easily and it is a mess to light them up again. In
Hindu culture, bamboo is burnt only during the funeral. Hence, dhoop sticks or
incense cones are considered better than bamboo incense sticks.  

What is Backflow Incense?

When an
incense cone is made with a hole at its bottom, the backflow incense burner can
suck the smoke through the hole into the shape of the burner. As you can see
from the pictures, it is a beautiful shape that adds to interior décor.

Pros and Cons of Backflow

  1. PRO:
    Beautiful to Look At

Yes, the
backflow incense burner makes the smoke dance. That’s why it is a great piece
of décor.

CON: Expensive than Stick Incense

While you
can get a stick incense for a few dollars, backflow incense burner costs
higher, same as the incense cones.

  • PRO: Manages
    Smoke and Ash

You don’t have
to worry about the falling ash like with the case of the stick incense.

CON: Needs maintenance

You need to
clean the backflow incense burner every once in a while. Backflow incense makes
manageable ash.

  • PRO: Long
    Lasting fragrance

fragrance of backflow incense stays for longer hours. You can leave it on for a
few hours for seeing the magic of smoke.


Learn more about the health benefits of backflow incense in this detailed blog post. Combine aromatherapy of incense with your zodiac stones to make the best of the energy.

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