Yet I Am No Reflection of Who You Are

Are you awakening in your dreams? We know that dreams are the highest part of your deep subconsciousness penetrating your reality with encrypted messages to your higher self. By knowing this we are able to become conscious of dreaming when we dream. This is called “lucid dreaming” but that definition is just a man made up set of words that are used to define something undefinable.

This dream from last night broke apart my subconscious and the message I got a download about is encrypted. How do you feel when you hear “Yet I AM No Reflection of Who You Are?” How does this make you feel? The dream is described in the video I have posted a link for below. Please enjoy…..I love you and thank you. I am that I am………………

Download message encrypted from a dream: YET I AM NO REFLECTION OF WHO YOU ARE 9/8/2019 ….

Uploaded by Eva Rozier on 2019-09-08.

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