You are Already Perfect


Channeling: You are already perfect – You are unconditional Love

In this video and channeling Yara asks about individuals becoming increasingly aware of their huge and vast higher aspect or higher self “constructs”. The Makers went off on a tangent a bit yet again, also repeating certain info, seems that it is important to repeat it!

Channeling: Huge shifts and the failing of old structures/systems in place in the Western world

In this video and channeling, Yara asks the “Makers” about a premonition she had about an increase of power outages, failing water supply, etc….This is not supposed to create fear, but seems to be a means to change the Western way of living, this is a message of hope and change, not fear.

About the author: Yara Tschallener
I am a trance channel, I do Akashic readings and healings, remote healing